TMI but i really need your advice on this...!

Sorry if this is TMI but need some answers ladies..!

I get my period pretty regularly lately but about 3 days before i get my period properly i have some small bledding, mostly after i have i been to the toilet, very clear faint blood (sorry for tmi). A very small amount...

So i ahve that and then about 3 days later i get my period properly.

What do i count as day 1? I am confused....

Any help appreciated please...!



  • Hi - I sometimes I get this spotting too.

    You count Day 1 the first day you see propor full, fresh flow.


  • hi, used to get spotting too before af. like chocolate muffin said you count full fresh flow as cd1. i read up on it and read that evening primrose oil and vit b6 would help. ive been taking epo for 2 months and vit b6 for a few weeks and the last 2 af's i have had no spotting.xx
  • Thanks for the advice. Will look into taking the supplements. xx
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