hi everyone, im officialy back!!

:\) hello everyone, its been a while since ive been on here!! there are lots of new people i dont know, so to those of you who dont know me, hello!!! im amanda, im 29, and after ttc 2nd baby for 13 months i finally got pg in feb but sadly i have had to have d and c on the 24th march as i lost my baby at 9 weeks. I am still feeling sad and trying to be as possitive as i can about it.

Anyway, my af has decided to show again today so i can now start ttc again. Im feeling more possitive and ive decided that stress has been the main factor to what happened to me so ive now reduced my hours at work and my hubby has started a new job that allows us to be together in the evenings so he is around to help more with dd Elisa (3). So i have now managed to get away from those horrible 06:30-02:30 shifts at the airport and now im starting at 09:30 instead, so that will be brilliant if i get pg again soon. No more getting up at 05:30 am for me!!!

Anyway sorry to bore u guys, i just wanted to wish u all good luck ttc as i know how hard it is at times but we will all get there in the end!! BABYDUST everyone!!!!!!

hugs xxxx

amandaxxxx :\)


  • Hi pae

    Glad 2 see you back and glad you are feeling positive!!

    sending you loads of babydust
  • Hi pae,
    Welcome back and glad to here you are feeling a little more positive and happy. Good luck ttc and hope everything goes well.
  • thanks girls!!
  • Hi Amanda,

    didn't know you before, but welcome back. I'm sure your new hours will help. Good luck for a bfp soon.

  • welcome back Pae - long time no chat... sounds like things are starting to turn a corner for you hun so have lashing of baby dust for you
  • welcome back good to see ya!
  • Hiya! Welcome back and loads of babydust to ya! x
  • Welcome back pae, so sorry about what you have recently gone through. Here's hoping your PMA will pay off, soon image
  • thankyou so much everyone! hugs all round xxxxxxx and babydust of course!!! lets bring on those bfp!!!!!!!!
  • hi amanda,glad to hear you are feeling lots better.good luck babe.Gayle xxxxx
  • Hi Pae glad your back and feeling positive - there are a few old faces still here not by choice, we need to move to the other clubs asap... good luck xxx
  • Hey Amanda! Great to see you back. Not that i have been on that much i have to say. I am hoping that the agnus castus has worked and that my af is at long last about to return having been absent since January!!!! I am almost certain it is going to arrive in the next couple of days image
    So sorry to hear all your news. I did reply to the thread we had but not sure if you saw it.
    I so hope that you get another bfp soon, you so deserve it. Keep the faith and take good care of yourself.
    lots of love and kisses, bluebird xxxx
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