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Feeling really down....

Well I managed to hold out and not test this morning but I feel really down today. I haven't had any classic symtons since the 2 very faint lines Weds night and Thursday morning so I've managed to convince myslef it was a chemical pg. I'm going to test again in the morning when AF is due but am expecting her to rear her head soon. The worst of it is if it was a chem pg then I may even be late for her to come back with avengnce (been reading up lots on them)! I do have the odd twinge but nothing major, my boobs are sore but again nothing major. I'm presuming if I was pg I would be seeing some clear signs by now??! xx :cry:


  • Hey hun,

    Not necessarily - loads of my friends who fell pg by accident didn't know they were pg till at least 6 weeks. i know its different when you're looking for them but still, i fell pg last yr (ended in mc a few weeks later) but didn't have any symptoms at all and was very surprised to get a BFP. when you've been ttc a lot you end up never really knowing whats a sypmtom or not! let us know how you get on x
  • hiya again, i agree with emilyj, alot of ladies dont get any symptms until 6-8 weeks, or even later? stay positive, and let us know how u get on with the test 2moro xxxxxxx
  • Good luck hun - you never know until she actually appears!! Don't get too down about it....I know it's hard!

  • Thanks girls!. The problem is I did get symptons but then they pretty much went so I'm guessing that must be for a reason. From OV I was getting cramps on/off, dizziness, vivid dreams, hot, sore & swollen boobs etc then I had really bad cramps Weds afternoon and then they've really died down and I'm only getting the odd sort of twinge. My boobs are still sore but not quite as swollen and I'm still baking hot but that's it image Sounds silly but I'm actually wishing the cramps back xx
  • I've just read that apparently no symptons isn't always a bad thing image. Hope so! Gosh I wish I wouldn't read so much on the net, sometimes it doesn't help, I'd really convinced myself it was bad news. Fingers crossed for tomorrow now xxx
  • I agree what was said above too. Lots of people never knew they were pg till around 6 weeks, some not even till months after.
    Dont worry too much, your just going to be 1 of the lucky ones. image, Make the most of it while you can coz they will probably come and find you a few weeks on hehe.

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