What would you do if you won the lottery?


I was just wondering, if any of you had a big lottery win - no, I don't mean a tenner!! :lol: What would you do with the money? Would you fulfill a lifelong dream? Would you still go to work?

If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do (obviously) is to pay the mortgage off and become debt free! I would probably move to a bigger house too. I would then pay off my family's mortgages too. I would like to own my own shop (as I like making my own jewellery etc) selling beads and craft stuff. IVF might also be on the cards if nothing progresses soon! ha ha.

Let me know what you all would do?

Heather x


  • Ooo - good thread!

    After all of the obvious things, pay off mortgages, debts, family's debts etc... my dream would be to buy a huge estate then build an outdoor adventurous type holiday park for disadvantaged children to spend a week at a time there, all residential, basically a week of TLC for the poor mites! Of course, I might have to adopt all of them too!!!

    On the other side of the estate, we would have an animal sanctuary, which hubby would run, that would be his passion, should we win the lottery!!!

  • That sounds great! Thing is, I'll probably never win.... I keep forgetting to put the bloomin' thing on!! lol
  • Hee hee,

    yeah, me too...we can all dream, can't we?!!

  • Oooo - I think about this ALL the time!!!

    First thing would be to quit my stinking job. Nothing would give me more satisfaction! Oh how dream of that day - sigh...!
    Then would pay off mortgages - ours, parents and siblings. Then buy nice car (and by nice I don't necessarily mean fancy - I just mean small and automatic! Actually sod it, I hate driving, maybe I should get a chauffeur instead!!!) Would buy bigger house too. With amazing view, probably by the sea.
    Then would go to travel agents and book the most expensive holiday available! For 2 months...!! lol!

    Then I would be off to the best private pcos specialist clinic I could find and get my cycles sorted so I can have a sticky bfp.

    Might also like to dapple in floristry, or work with animals. Be able to do something I would really enjoy. Not just have to work cos of paying the bills etc!
  • I Like that baby b cos i think i'd still like to work but you could do something you really enjoy, i'd also buy a nice little house and a nice car for me and OH and help out parents etc, and buy lots of baby bits image
  • i would pay off morgage and our sisters morgages too and would buy hubby a new car as hes wanted one for about 2 years now! i would def quit work without a showdow of a dout and then become a sahm! i would make hubby give up work and then we can spend time together doing things like,travelling and helping people in situations like earthquakes and moonsoons and stuff. ive always wanted to teach in africa but fell pregnant before i was due to go so never made it,would love to go and do that if only for 3 months. i would give my children a fantstic life but would still want them to get a weekend job after uni so they could learn the value of the pound!
    oh and i would put all the money in off shore accounts so my family wouldnt pay inheritence tax on it when i die(nice thought for mkonday morning!!)
  • i would pay off mortgage and buy a house in the middle of nowhere where there is nothing but fresh air,a big house where you hear the cars pulling up by the noise of the gravel and they have to go round the huge water fountain thats there (like the movies lol) and there will be geese roaming around free (like the movies lol) and 20 million horses,donkeys,goats and dogs in my hugemongus back garden,i have thought about it all the time as i work with the lottery(in a shop) and customers always ask what i would do

    oh obviously i will help all my family out...............well most of them anyway
  • Buy a big house in the back of beyond with loads of land and some little cottages on the estate so mil can move in (free baby-sitting) and other family can stay. I'd buy my parents company off them for a vastly inflated price so they could retire and then I'd put a manger in charge.
    I'd have all the outdoorsy things like horses and animals. I'd buy OH the cars of his dreams so he can tinker away and if I get a sticky bfp I'd employ a team of midwives and experts to oversee me as I think the NHS has gone to the dogs.
    One thing I would definately do is donate money to my local hospital so that they can afford all the midwives and equipmant they need so prem babies don't have to be moved 60miles to bristol for that alll important specialist treatment

  • Pay off mortgage (or buy new big house with huge garden and attached plant nursery) and brothers mortgage, definately quit work and go on big holiday. Set dh up with own business and buy him the motorbike of his dreams. Find good local cause/s to help out.
  • Pay someone to have a baby for me lol!
  • if i won. i would pay off all mine and families mortgages. then oh and i would buy a big estate somewhere where he could be gamekeeper (his dream job) or even better lord of the estate.lol then i would live quite happily having babies lol. i like the idea of putting my familyin the estate cottages for free babysitting.
  • well. My house is all paid for. Im not in any debt. I own a lovely car so I think 1st on my cards would be IVF as we have been trying for nearly 3 yrs, I would then take my close family on a holiday of a lifetime and I would also pay to have my dream wedding next yr.......................not that im greedy lol!
  • well if i win, i've already promised BabyB i would pay for her private consultation/treatment image
    if i got pg i would buy an ultrasound machine thingy or pay for scans all the time so i could be reassured!
    i'd pay off the mortgage, give up work (i used to say i would carry on, but who am i kidding as i do not like getting up at 6am!) and we'd probably move to the seaside.
    i'd also donate some to charity but would have to decide which...
    oh and of course i'd make sure all my family were ok!
    have i spent it all yet?! the rate petrol prices are going i don't think it will take much to spend it!

    must go buy a ticket for saturday....
  • pay off debts, buy a 5 bed house but not a mansion just something reasonably sized, ill do my driving test and buy my vw golf, my OH's landrover, get married, go on a long holiday to austrailia and fall pg out there!! help some family with their mortgages and debts. buy my OH loads of land so he can be a gamekeeper. think OH would love to have outhouses for his lurchers, terriers, ferrets, equipment, guns etc etc. at least then it would be out of the way!! haha. I would spoil my daughter so much. im still not sure of what i want to do but love the idea of setting up my own shop.
  • oh fiona 86. your oh sounds just like mine. out walking his smelly (but have to say cute) spaniel at the mo.lol
  • angielisa - well if it makes him happy.........lol, does your oh have ferrets or do rabbit control?? x
  • yeah has ferret although we lucky that they are kept at his dads as we dont have a garage. do rabbit control/ pigeon control along with fishing and anything else that involves him holding a gun or a fishing rod.lol
  • Ah Mrs_e!
    You are so cute! Now go and buy that ticket and win me that private treatment money!!!

    MrsRich - I agree, I would also want to support pcos as so little is done about it it's shocking. Would also like to support mc Association and more research into mc's to stop others having to go through the torture of it.
  • oh has 3 adult ferrets 2 of which have just had 16 kits between them. luckily they are all in a brick shed so dont have to worry about them. he has all the fishing equip but doesnt have time after the ferrets, lurcher and rabbiting.
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