GIRLS stop me!!

HI Girls... well DH is working nights, so im here feeling down and thinking how much i want a BFP i have already done 2 one on the 4 & 10th July, both BFN!!! but am now on CD29... i stopped taking my pill on the 12th JUne and had a withdrawel bleed but nothing since other than slight spotting on 6/7 July!!

Really tempted to pop out to the petrol station and get a PG test..... i have also just ordered some cheapies on eBay!!!!

I so want a BFP... its all i can think about, its taking over my life!

Would also like to know if you have all stopped drinking whilst TTC?


  • I got my bfp today and went out last night and had a few to drink and didn't stop while ttc although i don't drink that much tbh!
    Now i know i'm pregnant i will definately stop drinking although they do say a glass doesn't hurt every now and again!
  • I haven't stopped drinking yet but never drink that much anyway! I don't believe you should put life on hold just in case! I will definitely stop when I am pg though! You could be pg - but if you only came off pill in june it may just be taking a while for your cycle to regulate! mine have been 40 and 48 days so far xx
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