when to test, if i only just think i OV?

need a bit of advice on when to test this month please?!
i stopped taking pill in nov and had withdrawal bleed on 2nd and 3rd dec. i worked out i shoul ov around 14th dec (if my cycle was 28 days - which is more or less what it was before being on pill)
anyway, around that time i had no OV symptoms (no cm or pain) but this week i have had what feels like ov pain and very small amount of cm (not much tho)
so do you think i could hav ov 'late' seeing as its my first month off?

i was planning on testing around 2nd jan (if af doesnt come) but if my ov was late, should i wait?


  • Hey sweetie, you could have ov'd late. A good time to test is about 15 days after you ov'd, as AF is usually due on day 14. Good luck! xxx
  • hi cass - thanks for the reply.
    its just so hard to tell if i've even ov'd at all! dont have a monitor thing and no realy clear signs. just a dull AF type back pain and really restless legs (not sure thats a sign of ov anyway!) but no CM really at all. odd.
  • Next cycle - if you don't get your bfp, you could use opk just to make sure, I did cos I couldn't work out exactly when I ov'd! I'd bd now to be on the safe side! lol! xxx
  • ...will do! i'm sure hubbie wont complain! been doing it every other night/day since monday anyway - fingers crossed image
  • Lol! Loads a babydust hun xxx
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