I was determined

Not to symptom spot this month. I convinced myself we had done it last month and all the symptoms are the same as AF arriving and she did. Felt like a right wally! Thought, ok well not going to this month and was doing so well until I feinted at work yesterday and my boss who does not even know we are ttc-ing asked if I was pregnant. I was also nearly sick last night and have felt seriously sick today. Really don't want to get my hopes up. Not due until 29th. This ttc lark stinks! No one tries on TV everyone accidentially falls! and why do the symptoms have to be disguised as AF. I have what I believe are period pains. AGH!:\?


  • Oh socks, I feel for you - really I do!

    Sounds promising though, with the sickness and fainting. I was just saying to hubby about 5 minutes ago how crap it is for us women! I don't think they understand!
  • Ohh your symptoms do sound promising though!! Sorry dont mean to try and get your hopes up too much because i know how awful it is to get a bfn but they do!! good luck hun, hope this time its real pregnancy symptoms. xx
  • oh honey keep your chin up!

    it could well be your mth!!!

    good luck
  • Sounds promising socks! The 2ww is awful though isnt it! Good luck x
  • i know exactly how you feel hun, hope you get ur bfp this month, good luck x x
  • i did exactly the same as you for my first 2 months of trying. Convinced myself i was pregnant with what turned out to be af symptoms I hadn't had before. Grr! Our bodies are mean. Last month I didn't get many symptoms which was at least nicer but still got af. Am on the 2ww now. Fingers crossed for us both - your symptoms do sound promising.
  • Hi socks.

    I'm due to test on Sunday, if af doesn't rear her ugly head!

    I had af type pains during my 2ww, now have niggly sharp pain on right side. The side I ov'd from. I'll have an answer soon, so will keep you posted! image xx
  • Gosh socks, it must be agonising for you to have another week left to wait. I am rooting for you. Keep us updated on how you are getting on.
  • fingers crossed socks, fainting and sickness although not very nice, sound v positive, go hide now honey!!! xxx
  • It sucks doesnt it image Fingers crossed its the real thing for you though!
  • Thanks girlies! Fingers crossed for all of us I recon. If I had a wand, I would wave it over us all! xx
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