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All new to me

Hi Rebecca - and lilypinguimage. I'm 27 started TTC in Oct 2006. I can't believe how frustrating it can be TTC, its so hard to keep relaxed and at first it was quite scary. Just keeping fingers crossed. Baby dust coming your way girls and good luck. My AF is due 10th btw how bout u guys xx


  • Hi ladies,
    Thanks for the replies, nice to hear from others like me. Sorry to hear about your bad news lilypingu, hope that you are much more successful soon. Cazzie, not sure what AF means, not that wewll up on the lingo yet!
  • Aunt Flo - period xx Theres tons of them to get to know xx
  • Hi Ladies, I'm new to the site too,have been reading the messages for a while but just decided to join in. Its nice to know I'm not alone with what I am feeling. I have been ttc for 8 months now, and every month think this is the one!! It's hard to stay positive when it seems everyone around you is getting pregnant!! I can't believe how much it has taken over my life, it's all I think about!!
  • Hi Gem22
    Have you bought any ovulation kits. They may help you to find out when you are most fertile. I wonder why it takes some people so long to conceive and others just have to sneeze and they are pregnant. I hope it all goes well for me, but you just never know!
  • Hi all- my AF arrived Friday which was a bit of a bummer, however if you've read my previous posts, you'll know I was actually quite glad.
    I think my problem is that now I really want to conceive, I wont. Its easy to say relax but I know I probably am not, as I'm busy trying to work out which day is 'the day'! The ovulation sticks this month completely lied and said I was ovulating when I had actually ovulated 4 days earlier (only know this now AF has arrived!) When I got pregnant last time, I didn't even know when to try or even when I conceived! I think I will give it another couple of months and then try and forget about it, in the hope that it happens!
  • Hi Lilypingu
    Sorry to hear that your AF arrived. It is one of those things, when you are not trying for something it seems to happen and when you want something alot, it seems so hard to get it. I think that my best option is to feed my boyfriend loads of energy foods and then he will be raring to go every night, then hopefully I won't miss ovulation! Hope it works!
  • Sounds like a plan! I'm tempted by the idea of jelly viagra (Jolene Bond)- posted under this title. That could get DH going! Still in another couple of weeks I've got the opportunity to get going again- and I'll be on holiday too (thats if my cycle plays ball) so you never know- fingers and toes crossed! And for you too!
  • I bet you will be more relaxed on holiday and that will help alot! Once again, being a newbie, what is DG? I've got soooo much to learn!
  • Sorry meant DH
  • I bought an ovulation test to try this month so I will see if that helps. Everyone tells you to enjoy trying but it isn't quite as enjoyable when you're thinking about dates, times...........
    I went on holiday for new year and was hoping that would be a good time to relax but my af arrived on the flight out!! Typical.
  • Yeah- holidays are not quite so good for me- my m/c happened a short while after a long haul flight back from Australia. Had the holiday of a lifetime and could'nt believe my luck when I found out I was pregnant less than a month later. Thought that this was as good as life could get- it was a real surprise and hubby and I had only decided to start trying whilst out there- oh how wrong I was- my life came crashing down around me instead. But it is ok now- i felt punished for a while- like I'd got too comfortable- that I'd had too much of the good thing. But it wasn't like that, just an unfortunate event and I'm over it now.
    So this year I am planning not to go too far- just a few short flights maybe to Scotland. This holiday coming up is half term- I'm a teacher so I will be staying at home as DH has reports to write but it will be good just to have a little rest and relaxation!
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