Oh No!!!!! Think the witch is early!

So its Sunday morning going about my business, hoping that my BFN from Thursday would be a positive tomorrow and then I have that dreaded feeling...its full on spotting (TMI) AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:cry: :evil: image

So thinking that af is going to come along now a day early!!!!
I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But....its only our first month so I can't really complain but I am so peeved off with myself for getting carried away with all my symptom spottting! but can you really imagine nausea and dizzyness and fainting????
....soooo onto month 2, I'm ok with it all though and still feeling positive that we will get a BFP soon.

Thank you all so much for being very supportive over the last few weeks! you've kept my sanity!!!!
Good luck & baby dust to alll!!!!!xxxxxxx
Onto June for me!!!!!!!!!! image :lol: ;\)


  • Oh hun, sorry to hear that, but u sound very positive which is great!!! I wudnt worry were all guilty of symtom spotting in the 2ww its part of the fun lol!!! Onwards and upwards to ur june bfp!! kim xxxxxxx
  • Thanks Kim!!!! please slap me next month if I do it again! lol
  • Il try but seeing as im awful for it im not the best person!!!! 2dpo and im already at it even though i know its way to early for anything lol!!! xxxxxxxx
  • Oh Kim! Good luck for this month hun. xxx
  • oh honey sorry she's here early!!! keep up ur pma at least u have a fairly regular cycle!
  • ahhh sorry to hear that but you have loads of time and you sound really posative image

    K xxx
  • star, we can go into month two together!

    I got a bit carried away as well. I had a dizzy spell sitting down, and had a panicky feeling then reaching (tmi), on two separate days. Both things I've never experienced before. Wasn't sure how long cycle was going to be, as just come off pill. But now first af out of way, can get on with the business of ttc again!

    Hope all of us heading into another month of ttc, have a lucky month, and get our bfp's!

    PMA and babydust sent to all. xxx
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