someone help me...

Am away on my honeymoon at the mo, having got married early Dec. BD lots right after wedding and was very sticky down south. Came off the pill (after 10 yrs) on wedding day. Had cramps and felt sick for a couple of days after BDing and for the last 10 days Ive had the sorest boobs... theyve grown and are looking very veiny. I nearly cried at a pet re-homing advert yest and am feeling very emotional and sore back (although am skiing and dont know if it's exercise pains) also tired and feel flat, but again, could be jetag... I have 2CB tests in my bag,,, do I use 1 tomorrow or not? Bear in mind, no period since coming off the pill so haven't a clue where I am in my cycle! Help! Thanks!


  • Hi Hun,
    definetly test, it sounds very promising!

    Hope you're having a fab honeymoon!

  • Hi Dummydust, I had all the symptoms when I came off the pill and it was my body re-adjusting. My boobs had thick green veins, I had the the sore boobies and nipples and I was knackered. Felt sick all the time and headaches. I too was on the pill for 10 years and it stopped my periods altogether.
    Thankfully my period arrived 36 days after stopping the pill and I've got back into a regular 34 day cycle.
    To put your mind at rest you could always test in the morning if you want.
    Hope this has helped and that you enjoy the rest of your honeymoon. Merry xmas too! x
  • Hello, If you came off the pill early Dec thats less than 24 days ago most cycles are averaged on a 28day so OV on day 14 so Ur OV will be about 14ish so making OV only 10days ago That Might be to early for a CB as there not sensative. another 4/5 days might be best.
    Also when i came off the pill i found that coming off the pill symptoms are very much like preg symptoms so its hard your body also has to get the pill out of your system it does crazy thing to people. My AF took 92 days to come back after cming off the pill... Although when i ttc my boy i came off the pill and 28days later i had BFP.......
    Also when i am OVing i get sore boobies pains feeling sick so its very confusing image

    Good Luck hope it is your BFP And Hope your enjoying ur honeymoon
    Gems xx
  • Thank you all... Gembags: Could it be possible for me to have OV straight away, like day1 or 2 coming off the pill, cos there was lots of stickyness going on... if so, wouldn't that mean I'm on day 22 ish?? and iy would be ok to test?

    I'm completely new to all of this, and am feeling very wierd/different in my body... gets to a point where I dont know im making the symptoms up, definately not the boob thing though... my word, they are SO sore! and I never got soreness during AFs before.

    The first time you POAS, how were you feeling? nervour? tummy butterflies?

  • I felt very nervous, but excited at the same time! Good luck x
  • I am unsure how it works straight off the pill and its pos to OV on cd6 earlyest.

    I dont want to sound like i am putting a downer on it all i really hope its ur BFP Good Luck
    Y dont you try testing in the morning with FMU it would be a lovely xmas pressy.
    I am on month 16 and i still feel really sick when it comes to AF and POAS although i always POAS

  • youre not putting a downer on it at all... Its good to hear the downsides then it levels my head up a bit more, if you see what I mean! I keep playing tomorrow morning so many times in my head and it really could be the best xmas ever! but could also go the other way!

    fingers crossed it'll be a BFP but am trying to stay realistic, month one seems a bit too much good luck and I should join the queue and get behind people like yourself.. month 16... fingers crossd for early 2010 for you...
  • Everyone should have a BFP and noone should have to wait i was blest 1st time with my son 28 days after my depo was due i had a BFP so it really can happen.

    just 1 thing If u test and its a BFP wicked Tiny tiny what if its a BFN u wouldnt want it to ruin your day or you Honeymoon even coz u tested early
  • I know... thats my dialema! Guess I'll just have to be a brave girl and deal with it! Think a BFP on Xmas morning on our eymoon would outdo a BFN... at least then I could forget about it and keep trying and have some drinkies... Ive had one aloholic drink in 10 days! "Just in case" ha ha!
  • congrats on your wedding dummydust, hope you are enjoying the honey moon

    I also have to say that I had those symptoms first month of the pill and thought I might have been lucky enough to get BFP first month trying...

    did you come off the pill after finishing the packet? and did you have withdrawal bleed at all? that would make you maximum cd20 so you could be 14dpo.
    if you stopped mid packet you could have OVed any time

    wish you good luck if you are testing tomorrow.
    and if it is BFN don't let it put a downer on your honeymoon, a lot of us have been trying for a lot longer than that.

  • Good Luck and MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new BFP image image image
    xxx gems xxx
  • Shuck, I was on Cerazette so no real need to finish the packet as t's continuous... and wanted to finish on the wedding day too! I have read stories where it does happen, so am keeping my spirits up, but just wanted to hear from you gals and get some opinions! I think I will test tomorrow... just to see whats going on down there! x
  • Good luck and merry Christmas
  • Hey ladies...

    Just thought Id let you know that my CB test was a negative on Xmas day but I was suprisingly ok about it and had a wonderful day with DH.

    This morning I got my AF after 28 days off the pill so I'm rather chuffed with that and hope it has gone straight back to normal!

    Congrats to all the Xmas BFPs and fingers crossed for all us other 2010 BDers...

    Love from Dummydust
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