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I'm sorry for those who have read my previous posts and are sick of my wonderings and ramblings but I feel like I'm going insane and would appreciate some opinions.

A quick summary, I came off pill in jan and it's now been 3 months and I've had no AF. Despite me frequently thinking I've ov'd and having done a million preg tests (all BFN of course) I clearly haven't ov'd. I went to the dr's a month ago and he was very understanding and did a load of blood tests, these all came back normal and he said to just carry on waiting as 3 months was the 'cut off' in terms of investigating any further. The only thing he did say was that as my bmi was technically underweight, that could cause it. Frankly this didn't wash with me as it was literally a few punds from being in the ideal bracket and too be honest I think I've put weight on in the past month as well.

I've been using opk's from ebay and have yet to have a positive on these since I got them last week.

Now my dilema is do I go back to dr's and demand they look further into it or give me something (I think it's called provera or something) to make me ovulate or do I just carry on waiting as the bloods I had done were all normal? How long is acceptable to wait for a single af after the pill?

I'm getting so fed up, frustrated and pissed off about it all as can't even ttc until I know what's going on!!! I'm also concerned as approaching 30, definately want more than one child and am fully aware it may take up to a year (or more) ttc once I even get AF.

Any opinions (even ones I may not want to hear!) would be appreciated



  • first of all, as said on YAYW (happybride2b), i defo wont be going back on the pill after babe/pg. so if u want a big family like me, i wouldnt either! have u tried agnus castus? also had a chat with beckywoo about acupuncture. she recommended it, and shes now PG, it made her AFs normal again. i just googled chinese acupuncture in ***** and one came up, i was suprised as i live in a small town! apparently lots of people recommend it. also heard about rasberry leaf tea.

    im pretty certain tho that if u go to docs they will say AF dont get back to normal til 6 months off the pil blah blah blah, etc. i dont think they are any help tbh. you could make an app, have a moan. but i dont reckon it will get u anywhere im afraid image give it go tho, u never know

    hope your well hun xxxxxxxxxxx
  • p.s blimming docs r poo! or maybe make an app with a lady doc?
  • Hi me, I was thinking of asking for a lady doc as they may be more sympathetic although the guy I saw last time was nice and understanding. I've been searching on google and although most sites say 6 months that seems to be for AF's to regulate, a lot of the sites say after 3 months you should see dr's as pill should be out of system by then.

    Do you think it's worth ringing nhs direct to see what they say?

    I'm so blinking frustrated!!!!!
  • oh and when I had the bloods, I'm not entirely sure of what they tested for, I know FSH and female hormone were two but he tested for 4 or 5 things. Does anyone think pcos was one of them? I'm really scared this is what I might have??

  • i was worried about pcos to! but im hoping its just coming off the pill symptoms, i would say phone nhs direct yeah, they made me feel a bit better anyways. also.....


    this is what made me think, maybe i dont have pcos, so maybe it wil help you?
  • thanks *me*, I just had a look and now know they couln't have tested for pcos on the bloods but I am a bit concerned as I do have breakouts on my chin and have had for a few years and with my recent episodes of really greasy hair I'm thinking that might be a sign. Also one of the ladies said that with pcos the LH is quite high all the time and on my ov sticks I've been getting quite dark lines everytime I do them (twice a day) but not so dark to be +ve.

    Hmm I think I might go back to docs and ask them to test for this maybe?

    thanks for the link

  • Hi,

    I'm so sorry to hear you are still waiting - I was really hoping to log on this week and see good news after your promising symptoms you spoke about in the 2WW thread.

    I don't have any words of wisdom I'm afraid but wanted to send hugs and wish you good luck. It does sound like you are pretty worried and it is on your mind an awful lot so it might be worth going back to the docs just so you know you have tried all you can (and your doctor did sound helpful at least so hopefully this will continue). All the best and I really really hope AF turns up very soon. xxx
  • ah thanks tilty, I really thought I might have been too but if I did ov when I thought, even allowing for a couple of days after, I would have been due AF between Friday last week and yesterday and as I'm still getting BFN's I would say it's pretty conclusive that I'm not so think I completetly misjudged when I ov'd!

    I'm going to try and get an appt tomorrow at docs and see what they say now.

    Thanks for your thoughts xx
  • good plan hun! good luck! i can tell ur worried about it, so no harm in asking if they can test you for it! really hope it goes ok hun ((((hugs)))) xxxxx
  • thanks *me*. i'll ley you all know how I get on xx
  • Hiya Kernow
    I think that when they test for pcos, they look at the hormones they have tested (like the LH, FSH, estrogen etc) and the levels of those indicate whether you may have pcos. So they may know, I would suggest making an appointment to see if they can explain them to you more. I don't think you said whether you've had a transpelvic / ultrasound scan yet? If not I would try and push for one as this should show cyst, pcos etc. They may want to do internally, but it doesn't hurt, less uncomfortable than a smear and well worth it for the peace of mind or discovery. I had both this and the bloods which showed everything fine and had AF shortly after. Now on about CD65 and still waiting so being refered to a gyneacologist, but will take 3-4 months.
    My doctor also suggested eating more, cutting down on exercise which I did but it just made me feel lethargic, and I'm within healthy BMI and size 8-10, think she was just trying to guess what might help.
    I think there's plenty of chance you could be fine just a little slow. Sorry for the long reply but I totally sympathise and know it can play on your mind.
    Big hugs hun xxx
  • Hi starrynu, Thank you for the reply, my dr said about cutting down exercise and eating more but as I said I was only a few pounds of being in the ideal bit. I too am a size 8, though creeping up to a 10 at the moment. I think he just wanted to give me an answer!

    I haven't had any scans but did have bloods done for FSH and estrogen but wasn't sure if this ruled out pcos (he didn't even mention this so not sure?) he said they all showed I was still in first half of cycle (this was a month ago) and that seems to be where I am stuck!
  • Hi Kernow
    I just wanted to sympathise with you as exactly the same happened to me. Didn't have a period for 4 months after coming off pill and then they were longer cycles than the 28day ones I was used to. Desperately ttc so hounded my dr who was quite dismissive and told me that sometimes takes over 6months for body to return to normal (bloody pill- will never take it again!).
    Anyway, she did bloods which came back normal, no reason for lack of ovulation so just 'wait and see'. Which I did, then got preg last dec but m/c fairly early on. An internal scan at this time showed I had wee cysts on ovaries (also had skin breakouts but no hair growth or weight gain). After m/c we kept ttc and fell preg again very quickly, after 1 cycle which was much shorter than previous ones. I'm now 12weeks.
    So my point is- maybe like me you do have polycystic ovaries but without the syndrome. But this needn't mean you will have difficulties ttc. Your bloods would suggest it isn't a major problem anyway, everything is in the right ratio for you to ovulate (they look at ratio of FSH to LH).
    Your dr may suggest waiting for 6 months before doing any more tests and this will be frustrating but perhaps your body just needs a bit more time to learn how to ovulate again. I know mine did!
  • I think they can tell where you are in your cycle from progesterone, it goes up after you have ovulated. I reckon go back and see your doctor, ask about the results and let them know how much it's bothering you.

    I see my doctor in the gym every time I go! She's definately there more than me. I know excessive exercise like marathon training doesn't help but that's not me and I eat plenty of a good diet.

    I also started taking Agnus Castus at a low dose and got a + opk after about 2 weeks so stopped taking it (you're not supposed to take it after ov), I've not had a temperature rise though so not sure it worked. I've heard good stories though but I'm off to see a homeopath in a week cos the amounts I've heard you should take really vary.

    Good luck xxx
  • I've ordered some raspberry leaf tablets and dong quai which are meant to help promote ov so they should arrive next week.

    Thanks for all the advice and replies, it's really good to get the support as can't really talk to anyone else as they don't know we're ttc

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