No Christmas BFP for me : (

Well girls, the b!tch showed her face this morning bang on time :cry:

I was so disappointed as really thought I had some genuine symptoms but apparently not. Have started to pick myself up and am going to try to just enjoy Christmas and New Year and hope for a 2010 bean, but I so wanted that BFP, it would have made it the best Christmas ever. I knew AF was on her way yesterday and I actually started crying in a shopping centre because I was surrounded by pround mums and dads with their beautiful babies. I'm sure that was partly due to PMT but I really was hoping it would be my month.

Anyway, onwards to the next month, luckily I have short cycles of 26 days so it's not too long to wait. Hope the rest of you ladies waiting to test get your much wanted BFPs, good luck to all of you. Any cycle buddies let me know so that we can get through it together!!

Merry Christmas ladies.x.


  • Never mind hun, just keep going.

    Im testing in the new year, but its only my 1st month trying, so im not getting my hopes up too much. But it would be nice to have a BFP in my first month, I hope its your month next month.

    Keep us posted. xx
  • image sorry to hear it.
    I got my AF today too, Im still not sure of my cycles they vary between about 30 and 25 days at the min hoping they settle down cos I dont have a clue what Im doing lol
    Good luck for next month chick
  • Thanks girls.

    Lilibet - will keep my fingers crossed you get your BFP in your first month!!

    Looby - sorry to hear af got you too, I'm sure 2010 will be a better year for us both : )


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  • trixie I am gutted you didn't get your BFP, I thought by having the same rude veg would have been lucky...I'm not due AF until 6th Jan (cycle was 36 days last month after coming off pill)....I hope you get your BFP next month hun xx
  • Ah thanks DDS, I have to say I was gutted too but onwards to next month. I hope this rude veg is lucky for you, maybe it will do the trick for us both in January!! My next af will be due Jan 15th I think due to short cycles, so maybe we'll end up being bump buddies : ) Good luck hun.x.
  • sending hugs to my fave gal *squeeeeeeeeeeeze*

  • Thanks Mrs!.x.
  • Hi Hunny

    im in the same boat as you so i know how crap it feels image oh well roll on next month, my crycles are approx 33 days so a little longer for me. Have a fantastic Christmas and make getting that BFP your gole for 2010.

    baby dust to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hey sweetie, sorry to hear that. fingers crossed for a 2010 bean for you, lots of babydust coming your way and ((((hugs)))) xxx
  • Thanks girls, it's great having so much support on here. Littlebug - sorry to hear you're in the same position, it's no fun : ( Fingers crossed for us for next month.

    Frillypink and Cass - definitely, here's to a 2010 bean! Not sure where you two are in your cycles but wishing you lots of luck.

    Thanks again ladies.x.
  • Hi hun, af got me too this evening and then I had to go for a meal with friends to be told one is 9wk pregnant tonight too. I just couldnt hold back the tears and explained luckily they understood what happened and am really pleased for them too x
  • sorry to hear the witch got you ladies, here's to a baby filled 2010 for us all xx
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