Looks like CD1 :(

Well after spotting for several days last week it seems it wasn't implantation as AF has arrived today booooo! Didn't actually believe we'd conceive first month of trying but my best friend did recently and that filled me with hope, and coz I'd had sore boobs and was very emotional....it is possible but not for us. Oh well it's only early days so on to month 2 we go image


  • Sorry to hear AF arrived. Wishing you lots of luck for month 2 of ttc xxx
  • Sorry to hear that... I was the same, AF 5 days late sore boobs v emotional but it wasn't to be. Come join us on MRS CAKE's thread CD buddies wanted as we all in the same boat

    baby dust x
  • sorry to hear that
    when I tried with first baby I got preg first month but had a chemical pregnancy/early misc but then took about another 5-6 cycles
    this time round it's month 1 and i am desperate for it happen quickly...aaarggg hate not being able to plan/control own body!
  • Sorry she got you better luck next month x


  • Aww thanks ladies, ur support totally helps! image x
  • Aww nevermind. Like you said it's early days, don't let it affect your pma. This month could be the bfp month!
    Good luck! x
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