Ive Surged according to my OPK

OMG I couldnt believe it when I saw that second line today! Any advise ladies besides lots of BD!! Should I check again tomorrow?

I had this little niggling feeling on Sunday that kind of felt like a stitch my friend said it could have been me ovulating - what do you think.

This is my first time really monitoring my cycle so not sure what to expect, my DH was so excited this morning, but as he had been working from 10 - 3am he didnt really fancy any BD at 7am this morning! But will try again tonight and tomorrow morning.

Anything I should or should not be doing now? Please if you can help I will be eternally grateful!! xxx;\)


  • Hi excited4baby, it's really exciting when you monitor your cycle for the first time and find things happening as they should do isn't it! I got my first positive OPK on Sat so a couple of days ahead of you - anyone would have thought it was a BFP for how excited I was, lol.

    From what i've read, a positive OPK indicates that ovulation will happen in the next 12 - 36 hours, it basically detects the surge in hormones that you get before you ovulate. So, if you got your first positive test now, you can figure on ovulation happening in the next couple of days or so.

    To cover all your bases, and because sperm can live for 5 days, or even 7 days if the conditions are correct, it helps to start BDing before you see your OPK. Every 2 - 3 days around the time you know you might ovulate is ideal because it means that your DH is upping his sperm production to cope with demand ;\) so they are fresh and good quality and also that you have enough sperm hanging around in your reproductive system to 'meet' the egg when it is released.

    I tend to BD the day before ovulation (if I can pinpoint it), the day I get my first OPK, and a couple of days after. We've also been using a fertility lubricant called Zestica now and again because I don't get an awful lot of noticeable CM - certainly not that stretchy egg white stuff I hear other women talk about on here.

    The only other thing we've been doing this cycle is elevating my bum and hips after BD using a pillow (I nick DHs!) - as this is thought to decrease flowback (nice!) and help the sperm swim upstream through the mucus plug in the neck of the cervix. Oh, and I have been trying to 'O' after hubbs as well, *blushes* as i've read that this causes the cervix to dip into the sperm and helps get them started on their journey

    Sorry, a rather long post there - can you tell I'm on a mission this month, lol. Just got two weeks to wait now to see if its all worked. I've also set up a topic about symptom spotting for ladies who are starting the 2WW if you want to join us? - Its on page 2 now I think.

    Good luck and buckets of baby dust!


  • Thansk SarahBear 7 your advice was great, we BD Sat am then got a surge Tue PM so BD then tried this morning but no luck image Was gutted will try again tonight and then every night for the next few nights, got another positive surge today. Hope that does the trick im not very patient cant see me coping with months and months of waiting/trying/waiting trying xxx
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