All you ladies that got BFP

Just wondered if you have any tips, or have you done anything different.

There is so maany do's and don'ts when it comes to ttc. My close friend had been trying for 6 months and got her BFP on the month 7 when her and OH managed to BD only twice, and not even in the right time frame..

So just wonderd what was your experiance?


  • hey, i got two bfp one month after the other and im sure it was the cbfm that was the reason, i think its fab, well worth the money. i never did anything different from other months and after 6 months of ttc and no luck as soon as i got the monitor it worked. hoping i will get lucky this month! xx
  • i went online and used an ovulation calendar to predict when i would ovulate, my cycles are erratic tho so we had a 2 week window which we had to bd in!!
    also afterwards i used to lie there with my legs in the air for about half an hour!!

    good luck hope you get your BFP soon xxxx
  • Thanks ladies. Hope you get your BFP Sally. I promised OH not too get obssesed and do get there in as natural way as possible hence my user name, but might consider it if no bfp soon.
    Mrs wwa I have used ov calander but I guess it is a guide, I've used them and not been succesful. I am very tempted to start using OPKs soon just to find out if I do actually OV, I started doubting because there is never any EWCM, and belive me I've been looking! Sorry TMI.
    Hope, hope hope xxx

  • Naturelle - its completely up to you but maybe if you dont get a BFP this time then maybe start to use OPKs. Ive been trying to do the natural way for the last year using nothing by an ov calendar but hasnt happened and am going to start using opk, bbt and preseed from this month (CD1 for me today) booooooo
  • Jay I know what you mean, I am really scared that time will pass so quickly and before I know it will be a year of trying. I think I'd like to take some control and using OPKs makes sense,.it is my oh, I think I'll just keep quite and go ahead and order some right now. Jay you just helped me change my mind lol
    Oh btw I am really sorry, hope you are feeling ok. This could be your month and we could be cycle buddies, CD2 for me!
    Good luck to us!!! xxx
  • hi naturelle,

    i got my bfp on month 6 and did SMEP for 5 month with legs in the air ov tests etc...
    the month i got my bfp i used preseed for the first time so i would say that is definitely worth a shot, though of course i can't say that was definitely what did it for me in the end as it could have just been chance.
    i did find the ov tests and SMEP a big help (even though it still took a few months) just because i knew we were doing everything right, so when af came i at least knew we'd given it every chance. they're not for everyone thoguh so maybe give them a try and see how you go!
    tbh when i was on here some of the answers to this sort of post used to annoy me as people who had got pregnant quickly would come on saying "have lots of sex - it worked for me" and i'd think well duh! of course i've been doing that! lol
    anyway good luck and hope you get your bfp soon!

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  • Hey cookiesandcream. Thank you very much for your reply. I've heard a lot of positive feedback about preseed. I mean it is so hard to know really isn't it, what works etc. And I guess it is different for everyone.. It is really good to hear different opinions and experiences..True about advice of having lots of sex, it is weird to think getting pg is not as easy as most ppl think specially when being a girl you are warned to stay away from boys cos you'll end up pg lol xxx
  • hi naturelle - I got my bfp 2 months running, unfortuantly I lost both. This is my plan though. OPK's from day 10 along with SMEP, once I got a positive opk we bd'd everyday using pre-seed, legs in the air (well propped up by a pillow - as getting old now :lolimage. Did my bbt too and so once I saw a temp rise stopped bding as I knew I had OV'd.

    Good luck.x
  • Hi ladies, I got my BFP last week and am now 5+3 wks.
    Had used Sasmar and preseed in previous months and this time decided to go it alone.

    No use of OPKs, we just followed our doctor's advice of BD every other day between 10 and 18 and bingo! It was sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening, but I made sure I stayed lying down for at least 30 mins after, most times probably longer, with a couple of pillows under my bum and legs in air.

    So I guess it was au naturelle and every other day which worked for me!

    Good luck! x
  • Hi girls, I got my BFP last week after 4months TTC. In previous months I used preseed, OPKs, tried SMEP and lay with legs in the air. I felt like TTC was taking over my life a little and I was becoming obsessed so this month decided to relax and forget about it and it worked! We BD'd 3 times around when I know I would be ovulating and I stayed lying down for a while afterwards for maybe 20mins, but no legs in the air! That was preseed, SMEP...nothing. I just relaxed and really wasn't expecting it to work but it did, I think i'm still in shock!

    My best advice would be try to relax and not become too focused on TTC, easier said than done I know, but it worked!

    All the very best, I hope you get your BFPs soon xo
  • I used cheapie OPK's from Amazon and I also plotted my temperature on fertility friend for 5 months before I got my BFP. The only thing we did differently that month was to use zestica, and also I OVed right over the Easter bank holiday weekend so we were more relaxed when we were BDing as we weren't having to squeeze in quickies before and after work! xx
  • Thank you for sharing ladies image

    Looblou and Rainbow congratulations on your BFP! Rainbow I can see how it feels like ttc does take over your life. Even when I am at work I keep on flicking throgh the diary counting days, either when 'll ov, then counting if I do get pg now when the baby will be due, loking for every single symptom, organising BD sessions, coming to BE first thing in the morning, buying books on fertility etc etc..I don't want to think about it, but it is imposible not to!

    Baby on board, sorry to hear about your loss, I hope when you next get your BFP it is a sticky bean image Good plan

    MrsR+lime, congrats! I def think relaxed BD is a key. Me and OH are really passionate about each other sorry if TMI and it never does feel like a chore thank God

    We were on holiday last week and it was great to totally chill and had lots of fun time, but I think I must of ovd before then. I thought that holiday would of helped us get a BFP, but wasn't to be.

    My OH works away at the mo and I think we are missing some important days. I can't belive that the moment we decided to ttc his office moved to another part of the country!

    Thanks again for all your good wishes, pls send me some baby dust* * * xxx

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