Advice needed please!

Hi ladies, i'm after some advice please!

As i've posted before we haven't been ttc this month due to a big fat house move (hopefully). We have been using the withdrawal method (effective i know!) all the way through ovulation which i thought was last week due to symptoms inc. af type pain, increase cm and a very high sex drive (5/7 days might i add!)

Looking back i counted official OV as last tuesday (CD16) as this is when symptoms were most intense although i tend to get them a little before and after too so i may be a day or two out. We upsi'd CD12, 13, 14, 15, & 16 but not 17.

On saturday morning (CD20) i woke up and had blood on the tissue when i wiped (sorry tmi) and a spot in the toilet. Gradually this has got less and less and yesterday and today i have what seems like quite a thick, dark CM? Also i have been having slight AF type pains.

I'm aware (despite what OH thinks ofhis sperm) that i would be super lucky to get a BFP using withdrawal method, but my worry is that there is a problem.

At first i was worried it was AF and that my LP was 4 days!!! But it doesn't seem to have become a fully fledged AF? I came off the pill Jan so could be hormonal. I don't think it was a symptom of OV as i'm sure i was post ovulation at this point but i'm not using any testing kits atm!

What i guess i'm asking is has anybody had this before around the same time in their cycle CD20 -23? or 5-7 dpo? If so what did it turn out to be?

Any help would be much appreciated :roll:


  • Hmmm sorry hun not sure about that but didnt want to read and run x
    Maybe it was implantation spotting?
  • Could have been implantation, but unlikely if you were using the withdrawl method.
    I also came off the pill in jan and I have had spotting every now and again since then. Doesn't sound like af though.
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