Any1 in DIN Tested Yet?...

Just wondered if any1 has tested early and got a BFP???

Im due my AF on 22nd feb and had good symptoms and dying to test early.

On most tests you can test 4 days early so that would be thu-fri for me...Dont think i can wait that long xxx


  • Hi,
    Can't really help because i've not been pg before but didn't want to r&r. I know its frustrating but try and hold out for a few days. If you do an early test and its a BFN it'll just make you feel rubbish. I'm due on the day before you, making myself wait til at least Friday to test!
  • I am due on Monday and am going to hold off until then! I waited until AF was about 4/5 days later when I had Lily - have no idea where the will power for that came from! Good luck whenever you decide to test! x
  • thanks ladies. plumduff where did you get your pic from in your listing? its so funny!

    Really hope i can wait xxx
  • Umm think I just got it of t'interweb! Is Lionel Richtea!
  • hahaha i never really looked at the pic properly before :lol: Lionel Richtea pmsl :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I have had 2 bfp at 8/9 dpo and they ended soon after m/c
    its sometimes harder to wait to test but the heartache of knowing your bfp then having lost it..... both times if i had waited till af i would prob never of known xx

  • yeah i see what your saying gembags. il try and wait but dont think i can but dont want to be disapointed.

    that pic is fab x
  • I felt like that and did them early...bfn though. I'm now 6 days late on my AF though so I'm going to test again tomorrow...hopefully my gut feeling was right and the stupid test was wrong...
  • that sounds promising mrs_matthews hope you get your BFP this time x
  • I was 10 days late when I got my BFP! I think testing after af is due is for the best, I hate seeing bfn's! I hate how the makers of pg tests make a point of saying that you can test 4 days before your af knowing that lots of women are ttc and will test early if they can! I've wasted lots of tests testing early. Try and hang in until you're a couple of days late! Good luck!

    Mrs Matthews that sounds promising, 6 days is very late, it's got to be a bfp! Keep us updated.

  • Hi there, sorry to GC but wanted to say as much as it's so tempting to test early, it maybe better to wait a little. I agree with Gembags, as I had tested in the past to get a bfp on a cbd, later to find out it wasn't a sticky one image

    I should take my own advice though as I am a bit of a poas addict!

    Hope you get the result you want either way.
    Take care xxx
  • Me too
    I tested earlyish and got a bfp (and was a clearblue digital one as well!). Was so excited thought about it all day at work etc then stupidly tested again that evening and got a negative and every day after until a few days later got af or miscarriage or chem pregnancy whatever it is classed as. Like others if I had not tested I would never have got our hopes up. Having said that they do say that your very first pregnancy is a 'test' and often results in a misc.5-6 cycles later I got my bfp with my gorgeous son. But even now I think about our happiness at that first bfp and how it never quite matched it the second time as was constantly testing and holding lines up to the light so never had that 'I am definitely pregnant' moment.
    Hmm wonder what I will be like this time round?
  • hope you all get your BFP x

    mrs matthews have you tested yet? x
  • Good luck, I hope you get your BFP's!! And is it only me who thinks that people shouldn't write in the Due in Forum when it has just opened if they are not due in that month?? It probably is just me, but i think the first people to write in there should be the ladies that are expecting, not others going in as if they want to be first to post in there!! Just my little bug bear really, I think it takes away some of the glory!! I wish you all the best of luck xx
  • i dont think it really matters to be honest everyone usually seems so nice anyway so im sure they wouldnt mind, every1s got the same thing in common anyways lol x
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