so angry with myself and oh!

Morning girls im just having a rant really trying to clear my head and i have no one else to talk to as we havent told anybody we are ttc again!Anyway my af it due on sunday and i stupidly tested this morning (y do i always do it early??)and got a bfn again image .But i cant help but blame my oh . We did bd twice but i wanted to do it more to make sure we cover the right dates but he said he was to tired!wtf .So now ive got a bfn i feel its his fault ,i no its not but if we did bd more maybe we could of have got a bfp.And it also makes me wonder it he really wants another baby. He says he does but never talks about it ,its always me that talks about having a baby ect and he just seems to say yes to me ,If i go and look at baby things he goes and looks at other stuff and just doesnt seem intrested. I dont want to pressure him into it what do you girls think any advice would be greatful .Im so upset and crying as im writing this i defo think af is on her way image


  • AWWWWW hun i done the exact same thing. i tested on weds evening, 10dpo, bfn, im due today, no sign of af yet but i can feel her coming image sometimes i feel like that, if we had bd, the day i was too tired/or hubs, u cant help but think back what if...... but to be honest bubba will make a showing when bubba wants to, i think some men just arnt as interested as us ladies, and hes prob happy to have another but probs dont wanna spend hours talking and shopping for bubba things lol. thats what my hubs said anyways, so i reckon urs is probs the same?

    i hope u do get ur bfp, but even if u dont, try not to look back and think what u could of done, try and think forward and how you will change it this month? maybe tell hubby u wanna bd every other day for the whole month, so then he wil be geared up for it, and no what days he has to be 'awake' lol. im feeling pretty down this month too, so ur not alone hunni. hugs xxxxx
  • Aww thanks for the reply huni .I understand what your saying i think im just feeling very sorry for myself and need to pull myself togetherimage I just didnt expect things to be this hard .I feel very sorry for the girls who have been ttc for months image .Good luck and i hope the witch doesnt show up for you today!! x And we both get our bfp very soon!!
  • thats ok hunni, we all feel like thta sometimes so ur aloud to vent on here image i didnt think it would take this long and be this hard/heartbreaking either! hubs thinks im being a drama queen sometimes by saying every bfn or af breaks my heart, i think men just dont get it lol. i hope she dont show up for u this w/e either, and maybe we will both be announcing bfps on mon? who knows, good luck sweetie xxxxxx
  • awwwwww sweetheart, how u feeling now? sending u cyber hugs. feel free to rant whenever u want this whole TTC lark is such hard work and soooo heartbreaking.
    men just DON'T get how hard it is for us women do the!!!! mrs*me* sounds spot on with her answer about men. wish men could be in our shoes and do all we have to do ie opk, hpk the lot, then the would be more thoughtful!!!!!!
    my hubbie even said to me last night "what's the big rush to have another" even though HE said we should try again!!!!! And last night TMI i had to Persuade him to BD with me. i really felt like choking him!!!!!!! MEN
    sorry rant over


  • Hey cha was going to email you later to tell u how things where going ! shitty as it .I m fine now thanks just needed to get thing off my chest ,My oh also said theres no rush it will happen sooner or later but you still want it to happen NOW image Good luck huni with all the bd'ing !x.
  • lol missymoo ur totally rite! glad u had ur wicked way with him! haha
  • serves him right i say, cause he is going to get it again tonight and tomorrow so feck him ha ha

  • {{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}}} everyone needs to have abit of a rant now and again that is whats so great with this site image
    As the other ladies on here have said men just dont get it and I dont think they ever will them we are just impatient and drama mrs*me* said try not to look back but to the future and what will happen xxxxx
  • Thanks hopingtobeamummy i no mrs me is so right i just need to keep my chin up and getting on with it,but he is having it next month!!lol

    Lol cha i hope your oh back holds out for you image You dont want to be making any hospital vist in the middle of the night and having to explian whats happened!!
  • ha ha made me laugh, are you going to warn him that he's getting it next month or just pounch like a jungle catimage xxx
  • that was meant to say pounce lol xx
  • Think i might give him a heads up first just so he is prepeard!! And make sure he as some early nights for the next 2 weeks so he will be ready!lol image x
  • don't worry it will hold, i'll do all the work if i have too ha ha.
    could u imagine going to A&E what would u say, i'd be soooo embrassed but i would prob make up something. oh the thoughts have me going red in the face already.
    hopefully u won't need to pounce on him next month, u might have a shy bean (fingers crossed) but if u do have too, get him good ha ha

  • Hope so ,thanks huni. My own fault for testing to early! Tut tut image
  • I think this is just men all over. My oh has always wanted a baby, and its taken a long time, but I now feel I am ready. He was the one that wanted to start trying now and he has always been the one to bring it up in the past. So this will be our second month TTC, and he couldn't seem less interested. After the intial 'can we afford it' he never talks about it anymore, and seems quite content to wait and see what happens. I think us women just want to get it over and done with, where as men don't seem to mind the wait!! I hope you get your BFP very soon hun xxx
  • Thanks tilly81 .Its nice to no that my oh is not the only one to act this way then . image x
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