Tips re: BDing.....


So - as BDing is a rather crutial part of ttc - I was wondering what we all do to get OH in the mood and to keep it all fun rather than becoming a chore?!?!?!

You don't have to answer and i hope no one gets offended by me asking - it's just for funzies!


  • I love it!! But YOU didn't share!! Hee hee!! As we're still in the early stages, I don't think the novelty has worn off for my hubby! I said to him a couple of days ago, "I think to give ourselves the best chance of a BFP, we should have sex every other day." His eyes lit up!! I do try to keep things lively, and experimental, but when I think I may be ov-ing, I subtly try to get him to stick to missionary ;\)
    He's happy, and I have plenty of outfits for when it gets a bit routine image
  • LOL!

    Same here - I don't think he's noticed yet that for some reason - I like to finish in missionary when i'm OV'ing - and i'm sure he doesn't care at the time!

    I have the lovely lingerie for when i think he may need something to tempt him a bit more but to be fair - he's been rather keen just lately LOL!

    I think when we first started he really felt under pressure so doing anything that was obviously trying to get him in to bed was not a good idea but just lately he's realxed about it!

  • Tee hee!! They sound very similar - as long as they are "getting it" they are happy!! I have actually been waiting to be told, "Oh I'm not really in the mood." But it is yet to come! I really do believe that my OH's "equipment" is in charge of all his needs and emotions!! Lol! Hey, whatever makes it easier for me in all this ttc lark, I am happy!
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • loving that thread hehe

    I struggle getting him into bed enough LOL I like to BD everyday so am probably one of the few who have to drag OH into bed

    but I do have nice underwear that he really really likes so that normally does the trick, but I don't only wear it around OV time

  • shuck -

    maybe not every day - i definitely don't have the energy in me some days but I would BD even more if I thought OH had the energy with all the work he does!!!! I think sometimes he thinks i'm a 'sex pest' (as Kate Llawler names Brandan on love island a long time ago)

    In fact - todays he's been up since 6am and he is in a meeting which started at 6.30 and probab;y wont finish til 9 then he'll have a 30 min drive back - and call me selfish but all I can think of is - I hope he's missed me that ,uch and he's in the mood LOL

  • hi gals. as af has come today, its all about the nxt few weeks now so my oh is very very happy at the prospect of bd'ing as much as poss!wish me luck, im gonna be exhausted!!xx
  • thanks princess, just jump on him when he gets in, give him no choice lol xx
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