BFP but worried about chem preg again!

Hey everyone, how are you all? How is everyone getting on who is coming up for testing.

I think I am 11 or 12 dpo and after a couple of days of faint lines in ebay tests took a CB test where the second blue line came up and then a CBD which came up pregnant!
Really, really happy but worried. I had a chemical pregnancy 3 months ago and so dreading getting my period again like last time even tho I had bfp's then too! Hope its not too early to have tested but can't help myself!
Dont have many symptoms and the ones I have are not significant: lower cramps, have had heartburn/indigestion (which is unusual for me), tired and thirsty!
Just looking for PMA and no sign of the nasty witch!!
Babydust to all
Rachel x


  • I am worried like you! I have had various cycle lengths for last 2 months (I guess down to getting married etc) and AF is due today if I go on my 'normal' cycle. I have done CBD (pregnant!) and a first response test (faint BFP?). I don't know when to stop worrying??!!
    I feel quite sick and tired but nothing else.
    Fingers crossed for stick baby dust!! xx
  • congrats to both of you. Try not to worry (easier said than done i know) and lots of sticky babydust heading your way.
  • I know how you feel!! I am so nervous at the moment as had scare at 9 weeks with my first pregnancy.....time will tell i suppose xxx
  • im sending lots of my pma to you ladies..ive got loads at the moment!! Try not to worry too much altho thats easier said than done....lots of sticky babydust heading your way xxx
  • Thanks girls. I think it is because I tested slightly early that I am paranoid. Cycles been between 26-29 days so not brilliant to track and I used CB Ovulation sticks and got + earlier than I thought!
    Will be sooo happy in a few days when I am overdue!
    Rach x
  • congratulations!!! lots of sticky babydust xxx
  • Thanks dg. I have one test left so hanging out not to test until after the weekend! x
  • Sticky sticky baby dust coming up...........just relax and try and take your mind off it. You only have a few more days to wait. x x x
  • when does the threat of a chemical pg go?
  • Good luck girls and congrats, really hope its a sticky BFP and all goes will with your pg.
  • good luck to both of you. littlep risk of chemical pregnancy is only until your af is due, after that would be classed as a mc. Worrying unfortunately doesny stop, i'm 17 weeks and still worry about every twinge etc. lol
    Fingers crossed you've both got keepers this time. Sending sticky babydust and plenty of PMA.
    Filo x
  • Good luck and congratulations to both of you!! xx
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