got my results back from the doctors

got my test results back. confirmed what i already kinda knew image ive got too much of a hormone that is linked with pcos, and the only way it could go down is if i lose a hell of a lot of weight, and that will make it easier for me to get pregnant. as that hormone is kinda stopping me from getting pregnant at the moment. im still ttc but focusing on losing weight to make it better for me, and also docs said if i still dont have my period by the end of this month, i will have to go back to him and he wil give me some sort of tablets for me to get my period. dont know what to do with my ov sticks now, as brought them off ebay so i could keep track, but seems pointless now. just means when i do get pregnant, my baby will be extra special cos of all the time ive had to wait to get the baby. felt upset when i got the news, but am really trying to remain positive, and i will get the baby i want with my oh. this is my 5th month of ttc. xx


  • Hey Sophie! Tried to reply on our fb but it wouldnt let me!
    So if your doctor thinks you have pcos then you need to ask to see a gynecologist because they know a lot more about the hormones and medications that will help regulate your cycles. Make sure you push to get refered because the gp just doesn't have the knowledge to treat your pcos symptoms like a specialist does.

    Was it metformin he said he would put you on? It can also help with weight loss so worth a try.

    It might be worth looking into agnus castus which is a herbal remedy that can shorten long cycles and stimulate ovulation! Also evening primrose.

    Email or fb me if you wanna know anything huni, you're not alone xxxx
  • Hi soap,

    Sorry to hear you might have pcos. I was diagnosed a few months ago and was really upset. Try keep your chin up though hun there is loads they can do to help. Push for a referral though and if one doc won't do it just see another.

    I went nearly 3 months without a period, but have been taking agnus castus for two months, had reflexology and got my period, used the cbfm and got a peak. Don't lose hope.
    This is also my 5th month ttc.

    Lots of luck x x
  • Keep trying though. I have a friend with PCOS and she's just had her second baby a few months ago. Stay positive!
    Fingers crossed xx
  • thanks baby_vivvy, thats really nice of u to reply back to me image i will fb u later on once my boys are in bed, am going to docs and get to ask to get referred, hes not really good, so might look into changing docs, cos he doesnt really seem that bothered about me lol. am keepin positive though tilly28, yesterday i just burst into tears and today im feeling so much better, felt better havin that little cry to get it out of my system. i have been trying ttc the same amount of time as u tilly28, it will happen to us, and it will be so special to us when we have the babies in our arms, thats how im seeing it image xx
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