Weird baby dreams !!

Hi All

Past 2 nights I have had really weird dreams about babies ! lol ! Last night I gave birth and then had a reaaally ugly baby ! lol ! We had no stuff in for a baby so it slept in the drawer ! lol ! And it started talking after 2 days ! I am officially going mad ! LOL ! The night before I had a baby and then half way through the dream - the baby was one of my cats ! lol ! Yep - i'm definately turning into a nutter ! lol !

Just thought i'd share !!


  • ooooh vivid dreams....;\)

    x x x
  • G/C but i used to have dreams about a baby sleeping in a drawer and forgetting about it and having to keep going back home to get it??

    I hope i'm better in real life lol!!
  • omg i dreamt of a baby that was either my neice or nephew- didn't look like either but i knew it was one of them- anyway, i dropped the baby!!!! had a big bump on it's head so i called an ambulance and my sis wouldn't speak to me!
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