Just a catch up...........

Hi ladies,

Haven't been on for a while as I was getting completely obsessed with it all and feeling so low every time another bfp was announced. Had a couple of months chilling out, last month hubby was away for ov so it was nice not BDing the rest of the month but having proper sex image

This month we've given pre~seed a go and got the opk's back out. I've also bought a CBFM which didn't come in time for this cycle so it's ready waiting if we don't get our bfp this time round.
Last month and this month my cycles have been 30 days which is nice as the months before that they were 35, what a difference those extra few days make!

Anyway I'm in the dreaded 2ww now and having the usual cramps and sore (.)(.) :x

Wanted to pop back in to see how everyone is getting on?

Xxxx :roll::roll:

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