hi my cycles are very irregular but the last 2 have been 47 days, my last period started on the 14th of april!!
2 days ago i noticed what i thought was EWCM but couldnt be sure, then yesterday there was more very stretchy sorry TMI ! so do you think im ovulating??? me and hubby are trying for a baby but its hard as he works night shifts, we did the deed yesterday,but today his to tired lol, i really want to conceive but not sure if yesterday would be enough, as not sure if i am deffo ovulating, if anyone could share there personal experience with me please??? x thanks ximage


  • Hiya mummy,

    I know how you feel with these irregular cycles, mine are haywire. My worst ones were 80 days then 24 days, its ridiculous. Ive been trying to use OPK's but i give up coz ive been getting +'s for about 3 weeks now.
    I might purchase a CBFM and see how that goes.

    EWCM sounds perfect for ovulation time. :\) Get BD'ing and good luck!

  • hi thank you for your reply, i also used to use those opks and had the same problem there bloody useless!! i have had the same problem long and short cycles and bleeding inbetween, my doctor thinks its stress! well i suppose i better get to bed and do the BD lol, thanks again for your reply x
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