Wigzy, Wigzy, where for art thou Wigzy???

where ya gone missy? you go docs yet?

KJ.x ;\)


  • Hey missus!! Ive been unwell with that bloody flu!! ?Feeling a bit better now, just a bit tired. oing 2 the EPU 2moro at 10 so fingers crossed!! Hows things with u? xx
  • Hi Girls, do you mind if I join in/ I know you have both had ectopics too and katyjo you posted when i had mine.

    I'm keeping everything crossed for you wigzy! x x
  • Hey MP!! Great 2 have u joining in!! Thanks 4 crossing everything!! Im just hoping the bean has snuggled into the rite place!! Hows things with u? xx
  • good luck tomorrow wigzy!! weren't we cd1 together last month? I'm cd 14 now, hopefully I'll only be a month behind you.
  • god you got an awful doing with it. Oh please god everything is fine this time around hon, please message me on fb afterwards i'll be checkin in all day but may not get on here!! i have everything crossed 2 hon.

    MP of course you can join in! how are you keeping ducky??

  • I'm good! Can start ttc again in January and the time is going so slowly. But I know come january i'm going to be v scared! Did you have surgery or methotrexate?

    I think wigsy you will have had your scan by now and hope bean is nice and snug in the right home x x
  • Thanks for all your support girls!! Ive posted another thread but everything went well 2day!! Managed 2 see a yolk sac in the rite place!! Got 2 back in 2 weeks for another scan and hopefully they will see a heartbeat!!!

    Katyjo-I cant get on bloody facebook!! AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! xx

    MP-I can understand how scared u will be!! Ive been exactly the same but Ive heard so many successful stories of people having ectopics and going on to have healthy pregnancies. It will happen hun xx
  • I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you!! i can imagine the relief!! I am so so pleased for you x x x
  • Awwwwwww, thanks MP!! Big hugs!! xx
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