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I'm weak

Hi Ladies, how are you?

So today I went shopping for FOOD and ended up buying 2 First response tests. Thought eww it might be able to detect as AF due on 5th Sept and on the packet says can test 5 days before AF due.

Nehows as I thought it was BFN, got 1 test left and I have got hubby to lock it away so I cannot test until Saturday if AF isnt here! :lol:

Can't believe myself sometimes only 1st month of TTC image

Has anyone else had any experiences with the early detection tests or do you not bother, any opinons are welcome.

Thanks for your time



  • I have got 13 months worth of experience with all different types of tests hun and they always say bloody BFN lol!!! hoping this cycle will be the one I see the two lines he he xxx
  • Fingers crossed for you, seems pretty impatient for me to be like this on only our 1st month of TTC.

    Best of luck x
  • Hey Mrs Bozzy,

    your first month and your hooked! lol

    I've decided it's all a hoax and there is actually never two lines on any tests coz i only ever get a BFN!!!! lol

    good luck
  • Thats good mrs emma im liking that!

  • I'm the same. I only poas this morning but wanting to do it again now!
  • I agree, how anyone manages to wait until AF is due is admirable. I've already tested twice this month and AF not due until Saturday so probably far too early to test anyway!!!!!

  • Glad I'm not the only 1 lol

    I'm afraid AF turned up today, not due till 5th but as said in previous post just come off the pill so my body must be settling down. Good sign though I must of ovulated to bleed!

    I am going to count today as CD1 and go from there, fingers crossed for next month, at least i no now why I have had sore boobs lol

    Best of luck to you ladies, I will keep my eye out for an update

    Karla x
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