Help please

i have just got my period i think its bright red is this cd1 please help

this is my 1st period in 12 months so i am relived thanks

Emma xxx


  • Hi Emma, the first day of red blood is considered day 1 of your cycle, (not brown which usually indicates old blood from my understanding). Hope that helps. I bet you are relieved its here and hopefully your cycles will be regular and you will get a BFP soon x
  • it does help but i dont think my cycles will ever be right as this is so normal for me to have af every 1-2 years depends what my body feels like lol i have pcos and i had bloods taken yesterday to see if it is hormone based if so they can help if not i dont know i know its just play it by ear some time i have another af after this so i will bding when i have finished thanks

    Emma xxx
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