bfn for me

I feel okay tbh, it's just not our time and they way I have been feeling we have decided we are going to put TTC on hold for while I sort my head out and see how thimgs go with my dad. Still waiting on my af but im sure it will show face soon enough. I am going to stick around if you don't mind as I feel I belong here for now.

Thank you for all your support it has been much appreicated.:\)

I am sending loads of baby dust from my heart to everyone trying and my best wishes to all the ladies who have had their BFP lately wishing you all a H & H 9months.

Thanks again

SugarPlum xxxx


  • Gosh just re read my post so apologies for my typing errors in advance!!!!
  • Sorry to hear Lynne esp. at this difficult time and I personally would love it if you stayed in this forum for moral support and keep me sane!
    Hugs to you - I'm thinking of you and your family too...
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