if i dont come on on saturday how long shuold i wait till i test ?


  • when did you say AF was due again hun? is it this saturday? if you don't have any AF signs on saturday then maybe test sat or sunday.

  • i think some tests detect pregnancy as early as the day you are do to have af maybe try a cheapie test then wait a few days then try a cb aswell.
    Goodluck xx
  • yep it is this saturday my dh think i should test later what do they know lol x
  • sorry what is cb ?
  • cb = clear blue

    good luck! xx
  • yeah id prob test on saturday or sunday, you could always try the first responce ones...apparently they can work a few days before af is due
  • thank you for yor help fell silly to test as i dont fell pg and fells like i will come on think i am just hoping lol x
  • i didnt even know i was pg with my two had a stomach ache with my first and not a single symptom when i found out with my 2nd u r not silly def do a test over the weekend if af dont show her ugly mug.
    good luck hun xxx
  • Good luck - test the day you are due, and if BFN then do it again 4 days later as the 4th day is meant to be the best chance! I will try and keep her away from you xx
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