anyone at day 7ish, and startng all over again?

anyone at day 7ish, and startng all over again? would be good to know who is at same stage as me xx

just started ttc no 3


  • Hi,
    I am on day 9 and picking myself up after another unsuccessful month of TTC. I have a 3 year old son who is fabulous, and I'm always grateful for the fact I have him, but I desparately want to give him a brother or sister! Making a concerted effort this month to be positive as I have been on a bit of a downward spiral as the months have passed. Let's hope that some goods news is just around the corner x
  • Hi hun,

    I'm cd7 today so 1 day behind you I think. This is my first though.

    Good luck ladies
  • Hi ladies
    I'm on CD 9 month 5 of ttc, i'm 29 and we are hoping for our first baby. How are you all?
  • hi everyone, thanks for your replies. good to know there are others abou the same stage. we have decided to start ttc this month, it will be our 3rd...i am more scared than ever this time for some reason!
    My first was unplanned, conceived on one night, second, conceived in first month of trying, so i just feel this time it bound to be ages!!
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