cough medicine (heehee!)

hubby just asked me why i've been taking cough medicine when i don't have a cough. i told it it was best all round if i didn't answer that question!
not sure if i should be offended but his first thought was "are you just having it coz its sweet?" lol! next q was "is it something to do with baby making" so he's obviously not as daft as he looks!


  • Hi hun - let me in on the secret then he he xx
  • erm scuse my ignorance but is it to do with making babies!!??? I'm clueless lol!
  • Ooh yes I did read about cough medicine! It's meant to be good for encouraging EWCM but only if it doesn't contain an anithistamine (sp?) The things we do eh?

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  • lol. i took it last month and hid it form didnt want to answer any funny

    but it worked i had loads of ewcm. i think it has to be robitussin ith no decongestant in it.xxxx
  • i heard that too....bless whats the hubbys like!! cant believe the first question, i think it was all geared towards the second though....they must know everything we do is for that!!!

    x x x
  • how long should you take it for? Does it work quickly?
  • hi hun. i started taking it about 4 or 5 days before and during ov. i noticed a difference in the amount of cm within a day or so an dthen running up to ov i had loads of
  • What cough mixture are you taking?
  • hiya, yeah its supposed to loosen all the mucus in your body - not just on your chest! lol i thought that was possibly a step too far on the tmi front!
    i've been taking a teaspoon roughly an hr before bding.
    i've been taking benylin chesty cough which i'm hoping will have the same effect as the robitussin
  • sorry double post!

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