Early Signs of Pregnancy

Hello all,

Just a quick one. AF due on wednesday but the past few days my nipples have become very sore. This never normally happens before normal AF. Could this be a very early sign of pregnancy, or me hoping too much? I have done a test but result was BFN.

Any help would be great!!


  • Hiya

    Have you come off the pill? Just asked as a few of us never suffered with this before but now we do between OV and AF!! It can be a PG sign aswell tho. Although you got BFN today - you aren't actually late yet so could still get BFP! Best day to test is actually 4 days after AF due! Good luck and fingers crossed x
  • Thanks for your help,

    So does it mean that AF should be coming then if this is happening? Yes i have just come off the pill. Started doing OV test but couldn't detect when it was, so have just been trying every couple of days! Even on the pill by now i would have a few mood swings and have aches but nothing yet.

    Every day now im just hoping AF wont visit me, def think i was a bit eager doing the tests.
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