Are my OPKs not working, or is it me that is not working?

Hi all.

I'm pretty new on here, been a lurker for a while and used to post a lot on YAYW. So here's the thing, i came off the pill in Nov and we have been using other forms of contraception until now. This is our first month TTC. My cycle is a regular 28 days and the last few months, since i've been clued up about all this business, i have spotted EWCM.

I ordered some OPKs from Ebay and they arrived in time for my ov last month (thought i'd test just to check!), however even tho other signs of ov were there nothing showed up. Now this month i have used them every day since Mon, should have ov'd yesterday or today, but nothing!!

I've used them according to the instructions, do you think i'm perhaps not ovulating or should i just not use them? Or can you ov real late in your cycle? Sorry if these are dumb questions but i guess i'm a newbie after all!

We have BD'ed lots anyway image Good luck to all of you and lots off baby dust! X


  • Hi hun, the ebay cheapies are notoriously hard to read. I know it says the line has to be the same colour as the control but it is very rare that it will be so you really need to use your own judgement on when you think the line is dark enough to indicate a positive, you do get used to them so it does get easier but they are by no means the best ov tests, in saying that I did fall pg in my first month using them so good luck! xx
  • I never got a positive with the eBay ones... Not even when I used a first response with a strong positive! I would try temping or invest in better quality ov strips or even a clearblue fertility monitor - think they're cheaper on amazon just now.
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