everyone seems to be gettin pregnant but me!!!

wen i found out i was pregnant in feb my cousin was a week behinde me ! i mc in march !! she went for her scan yesturday n found out it was a boy,, i am pleased for her but i cant help but feel soooo upset and hurt that it shouild of been me going for a scan!! nt only that but me oh's cousin has just found out shes having twins n my best friend is now expecting!!! sorri to rant but i jus want it to b my turn!!! anyone else in the same boat??? xxx


  • it msut be so hard to be around all this pregnancy when you have been through whatyou have,you time will come mate.xx
  • oh honey I have only just started trying so I am not in the same boat as yet but I want you to know my best friend is going through the same as you right now she has been trying for three years. It wil happen and I know thats not easy to hear but its the truth . Giving you a huge hug xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Sounds like you have been through alot. I can completely understand how you must be feeling. That wasn't your time unfortunately but the right time will come, try and stay positive and I am sure you will get that BFP.
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