I need to rant as nobody else understands.
Me and OH got married in Greece in June and were joined by loads of family including a cousin with a 5 year old and a 6 month old. They are lovely and I hate talking about family derogatory but they aren't fantastic parents. They dump the 5 year old on on the grandparents all the time and argue to high heaven in front of the kids.
My cousin's brother and his wife are pregnant and due in April and really get shut out of the family because my cousin and his kids take up so much time. I have now found out that my cousin is pregnant with their third kid and you guessed it IT WAS A MISTAKE!!!!!
Now i'm sorry, but I am having unprotected sex every 3 days and can't fall pregnant and your telling me you didn't even realise. She is 14weeks gone and is now asking all family members for their opinion on abortion. I am not against this at all as I know circumstances change but you don't need to announce the fact you don't really want the kid to all family members.

I'm so peed off. OH said stop getting so annoyed, it's not their fault and that I should lighten up as it's only month 2 for us but I can't bear it.

The fact is, they are a very argumental couple anyway and both babies have been to "save the marriage" and I can't help but think it's the poor little ones that suffer.
I woudl give my life to a lo but can't and they are given 3 little miracles in 4 years and they don't even apprecaite it.
GGGGRRRR - why isn't god being nice to me. xxxxxx


  • abortion at 14 weeks god i dont agree with that at all know what u mean im on month7 ttc and it seems the only way is to go get blind drunk have a one night stand and be on jeremy kyle!!!!1 lol. its not fair hunni x
  • I hate the idea of band aid babies. If a marriage wasnt working why on earth would someone think the strain and stress of pregnancy will fix it and lo brings so much tiredness but joy too. (or so i have been told am trying for 1st)

    I understand how frustrated you are. Its annoying when you think of ladies who seem to get PG at the drop of a hat when here we all are testing, charting and BDing our backsides off!.
    Have faith , it will happen.

    Baby dust x
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