Tested this morning......

I got a faint line on a predictor test. But when i did it on a clear blue digital it said not pregnant. I have the symptoms but havent come on after having the rod removed on 30th march. Do yas think it maybe too early to pick up on the cb..


  • Hi,
    The digi's are much less sensitive. How faint was the line? Was it first morning wee?
    I would test again in a couple of days and you should see the line getting darker.

    But lots of people say a line is a line so I'll whisper congratulations!

  • Hi hunni. You could just see the line hunni. And i shall do a morning test first thing in the morning. Thanks again sweetie.xxxx
  • Hi hun

    I had a faint line on predictor last month sadly i had a chemical pregnancy so never got a bfp.

    They are super sensitive tho so hold off doing a cbd for a couple of days as your hcg probably isnt high enough yet.

    Congratulations xx
  • Fingers crossed!xx
  • is away to drop kids off at school the go get some more tests. i was just thinking back to the past when i used the predictor tests and i missed periods and they have come back not pregnant and i havent so this has got to be something hasnt it.xxxxx thanks for you support girls.xxx
  • hi Lainey! i hope it is your BFP......fingers cross also *whispering* Congrats!! xxxxx
  • fingers crossed!!! xx
  • Good luck testing again image xx
  • Hi all tested again got a v v v faint line. Cnt stop weeing also getting leg cramps (groin). I dont wanna get excited yet as i have had two mc's.xxxxx
  • ooo how exciting! i hope ur skinny will turn into a stciky bfp! how many dpo are u hun? xxx
  • I dont know as i had the rod taken out on 30th of march and not had af yet.xx
  • oooo sounds good hun! try again tomor? or maybe fri, if u canb hold out that long lol xxxxx
  • goo luck sweety!! *whsipered crongrats!* xx
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