Not ovulating

I am almost positive that I havent ovulated since coming off the pill (3 months) Is it too ear ly to go to the docs at the moment? I feel like im just wasting time waiting for each cycle. Are ov sticks totally foolproof? I was thinking of buying some next month to see if im ovulating or not but I read somewhere they can give you a false result.


  • I am going to use OV sticks next month to see when it is actually happening. From what I have read on here they do work. I have only heard of a false result if you are PG or have had MC as it can pick up the PG hormone (HDG) as they are very similar
  • Have you got your periods back?
    Why dont you try tracking your fertility first.
    I suggest charting your cycle, along with temping and checking your cervical fluid and positioning.
    I am not sure what a doctor would tell you at this point in time...especially as you have just come off birth control. It may take awhile for your body to get back to normal!
  • hey honey, it could have been me writing this thread!
    i went to the docs last mth because i didn't think i had ov'd - cycles have been all over the place - longest 50 days!(been using ov sticks & never got + either) the doc said it was quite normal and to come back at the end of the year if still didn't have any luck!!
    she was of no help but at least i now have it on my record!
    don't know if this helps but just thought i would share!
    good luck
  • Thanks guys, I have had my period since coming off the pill but I have had no signs of ovulating at all. I think I need to put a bit more effort into tracking my fertility but I just dont want to get too bogged down with it all, I think the more effort I put in the more disspointed I will be if i dont get pregnant, silly hey?
    Danipink, glad to hear everything seems ok with you, lots of luck for the next few weeks, fingers crossed you get your BFP, then send some babydust my way!
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