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Life After Implanon?!

Hi Ladies

I have read some horror stories imageabout infertility after the implanon implant, I wonder if any of you ladies have used implanon before and what were your experiences after having it removed? How quickly did your periods return etc?

Part of me thinks that the horror stories must come from some who may have already had underlying, undiagnosed fertility problems, but you never can tell!

I have just had mine removed and I am eagerly awaiting my first AF in years image just wish it would bloomin well hurry up LOL!!! Patience is not a virtue of mine :roll:

I'd be interested to hear other's experiences post-implanon!

Thanks Ladies image


  • The other thing I am having at the moment is RAGING moodswings, and I mean RAGING. Snappy, unpredictable, just downright horrible, I hope that passes soon or I'll have no friends and no DH to BD with LOL!!!
  • Hi,

    Hope you don't mind me replying as I usually stay in the due in September section but I had implanon in for just under 3 years, had it removed on 14th November 2008, had a period that started on 2nd December and that is that date that I am classed as being pregnant from! I am now 31 weeks and 4 days so not long till baby is due. Just wanted to reasure you that not everyone has problems after having implanon removed
  • Thanks Angel14! Thats good to know! I guess I have a few weeks to wait before I get a period, but I am not bothered if I get PG first KWIM?!

    Congrats on the pregnancy! Bet you can't wait to give birth now!
  • Thank you, really looking forward to meeting baby now, getting a bit scared about the labour though.

    Anyway good luck with ttc, hope you don't have to wait to long.
  • I had the Implanon since I was 16 for the 3 years then at 19 I had another Implanon in, at the age of 22 I took it out after having my 3rd bar in for just 3 months, this happened in September this year, I’ve been trying for 3 months now and still no luck, I see success stories where after a week people fall pregnant ect, reading stories of how Implanon can affect fertility, I’m worried I can’t conceive, if there’s a problem with me, did I have this bar in to long? I have a appointment at a fertility clinic, expensive to do this stuff but that’s my story so far, 

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