Hi ladies, I just wondered what everyone's views were on drinking whilst TTC?

So far I've been going without whilst in the 2ww, and a couple of minor tipples whilst not. I'm not a big drinker anyway, just a nice glass or two at the weekends.

We're going on holiday early May, and if we don't fall pregnant this current cycle, then I'm due to be in the middle of a 2ww.

I know my OH will say the odd one ot two whilst on holiday won't do any harm, but I'm not so sure?
Hopefully I'll get my BFP this month so it won't be an issue and I'l be going away about 7 weeks pg.

Also, what do you tell people why you're not drinking in the 2WW. We went out with some friends and I went on driving duty to try and take the pressure off, but I was still getting swkward questions and knowing winks. I had to tell a fib about an ear infection and bloody typical my OH's friend had one too and wanted us to compare notes about the type of antibiotics we were on. It was so cringey!

What does everyone else do?


  • Hey, I don't really drink so it's not too much of an issue day to day. However, if we go out for someone's birthday I do generally have quite a bit to drink. And it's my birthday in 2 weeks and I'm supposed to be hosting a Cuban cocktail night!

    We are also going away early May but hopefully if my cycle stays regular I should either have had my BFP or AF. Bad luck on someone else having an ear infection! Typical!

    H2b normally drives as he doesn't like drinking so my friends expect me to have 1 or 2 so I know the minute I'm not drinking they'll be on high alert! The questions and winks kind of annoy me cos I wouldn't dream of asking someone else that. There's been a lot of girls at work pg and it's obvious because they stop doing lab testing and one of them took to eating massive sandwiches at 8am! But I never said anything because people tell when they're ready.

    Sorry I haven't actually answered your question there! I would be interested in hearing what people say though. I might just have half a coke, people might just assume there's vodka in there!
  • I like a drink so may be able to help a little as I thought the same thing and did a little research.

    The view is that as the embryo won't have implanted until nearer to the time your af is due then some drinking is OK as without implantation there would be no transfer of alcohol to the embryo as there is no blood supply set up to it at that point. Now I don't know the effects of drinking on implantation, or if there are any? But since lots of people get drunk not knowing they're pg and go on to have a h&h 9 mnths I'm guessing it can't be too much of a problem for implantation itself.

    I would then add that knowing this info, it's up to you to decide what you feel comfortable doing. I have had some wine while in my first week of the 2ww. Then normally in week 2 of the 2ww I stop drinking until I know one way or the other.

    I'm sure lots of people would frown on any drinking at all while ttc. For me though with the job I do and the stress of my mmc in Jan and ttc along with all the other things in my life it is nice to have a wind down with a drink of wine on the weekend.

    Good luck, and do what you feel is right for you.:\)
  • I've just been to my work do last night - lots of free wine on the table - which normally I'd be swigging and plenty of people who would think an ear infection was an excuse.
    I tasted the wine, said it was horrible (it was) and decided to stick to my "vodka" limes and lemonades which OH kept getting me.
    Once of my friends got through a family day at the races by acrrying round her wine glass and watering plants with it, tipping some in the loo, losing her glass and making OH keep swapping with her.

    It's V hard though - esp if you used to be a drinker.

    Antibiotics - has anyone on BE had any prescribed recently and can post the name of what they had?

  • I really wouldnt worry about drinking in your 2ww. I would say 90% of mums probably had a tipple before they knew they were pregnant. I for one had my hen night the weekend before I found out I was pregnant. Obviously It's completely different when you find out that you are pregnant, then ofcourse you should stop drinking all together and only have the odd one after the 1st trimester. But until you know for sure, if you want to have the odd glass of vino on holiday, I am sure it won't do any harm..x
  • This is a really interesting thread and 1 I'm intrigued over... I've been questioning it myself having just had a party to go to this weekend during the 2WW. I had a few wines, maybe 3 or 4 so nothing massive. I vaguely remember someone advising that the embryo doesn't take anything from the Mum for 4 weeks so I think drinking until missed AF is OK. Can anyone confirm this? My thoughts on it are - we could be TTC for years, are we all to give up drinking completely for that time?!!?! xx
  • Again this is just advice from my doctor friends (male and female) who say not to worry too much about this. The baby is in its own little 'sack' for the first few weeks and even if it has implanted one or two drinks is not going to make a difference - it's not like we're all on a bottle of vodka a day!!! Well not me anyway...
    I have cut down my drinking recently as I'm on a health kick but I intend to enjoy my 2/3 glasses of vino/G&Ts on a Friday and Staurday night until I get my BFP.
    Just anecdotally - so many people I know have found they are pregnant after a wild night out and their babies are all fine and normal.
    I think we should all relax and not stress. Stressing is bad for babies too!!!
  • Thanks ladies, I hadn't realised about the baby not taking from us in the early weeks so to speak.
    I'm not a big drinker anyway tbh, a few drinks at the weekend, and even then its not every weekend as my OH works shifts, and I'll abstein while he's working. I think I bother more with the pressure that other people place on you when you don't drink.
    Hopefully will get my BFP this month so it won't be an issue for hols, but if not, then maybe the odd sneaky glass whilst away won't do any harm. I'd even be finding out if I have a BFP whilst on holiday which I'm not sure is good or bad, so hoping desparately that it will come this month so its not an issue.
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