Hello everyone.

Hi everyone. Thought i would say hello to you all. My oh and i have just started ttc baby no 2.
Our 1st, Grace was born in November last year. I love his website and hope to get to know you all for chats and advise etc

M xxx


  • Morning minimonkey.
    Good luck TTC, I'm sure I'll see much more of you over the next couple of months (hopefully not much longer)
  • Hi and welcome. My lo is a Grace too and she was 3 in january. I'm sure you'll find lots of support and advice on here. Good luck!xx
  • Thank you image How long have you guys been trying?? I got pg first month trying last time. My dr said it can take longer next time?? Have any of you been told this?? xx
  • Hi and welcome minimonkey, i hope your just as lucky getting pregnant quickly this time. xx
  • Hi and welcome minimonkey!
    were also ttc no.2, our daughter is nearly 2 1/2.
    I dont think i have ever heard that it can take longer to concieve 2nd time round? Hope it doesn't take too much longer as we've been trying 7month x x
    good luck hun x
  • Thank you eveyone! image I've been a member for ages, but never really chatted. I'm glad i've started!!

    Here's to us all continuing to chat together in the pregnancy forum

    Megs xxx
  • Hello minimonkey, I am new on here, my oh and I have just started trying for our first, I came off the pill 2 and a half weeks ago. Good luck hon x
  • Good luck jenny_bunny! Its scary first time round huh!!! xx
  • Hi minimonkey! Good luck TTC! Look forward to chatting xx
  • Hi minimonkey, welcome. xx
  • Hi there and welcome to the site it's great and such a helpimage

    K xx
  • welcome minimonkey,iam trying for baby #2,my ds is 13 months old and this is my second month in trying,ive heard that it can be qicker or longer to get BFP so who knows :lol: iam on cd17 and still not ov yet,only got till monday and then i think my oh is working away,so we all know whats gonna happen..... yes i will be ov' next week when hes away :lol:

  • Hiya minimonkey and good luck ttc!

    My second didnt take long to concieve. Was two months off the pill and then pregnant.

    Hoping that the same happens for my third, keeping the fingers crossed and will hopefully know by the end of next week.
  • Hi minimonkey and welcome to the site. Good luck ttc. Everyone on here is fab so you'll soon get to know us all and fit in perfectly.
  • Thank you to everyone for your comments! Made me feel really welcome!! My period is 5 days late today.. i know i shouldn't have done it but i took test... BFN! Oh well, here is to next month!! xxx Megs xxx
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