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OMG I am having my 5th


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  • congrats diane! x
  • congrats all the best
    love becsxx
  • Congratulations - lets hope its the start of a load of BFP's for those TTC!
  • well done deedee thats excellent news is it alright if im just a weeny bit jealous hun? im sending loads of hugs your way love leighxxx
  • congrats + gl x hope 2 b joining u soon!
  • congrats deedee, hope you are feeling ok !! x
  • Congrats, very jealous hoping for a BFP this month
  • Hi Dee Dee! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many congratulations to you and your other half hun, excellent news. After the week i've had, its so nice to get something positive for a change (no pun intended!!!!). Take very good care of yourself and your new little treasure. lots of love and kisses, bluebird xxxx
  • Thank you all so much..

    I feel fine at the moment.....very very tired (but in a happy way) and boobs very sore.

    Leigh....youve done it b4 you will do it again

    Sarah....sending you every ounce of baby dust and hoping you have baby in your arms this time next year.

    All, thanks for your lovely messages and I really do hope you all get BFP....... dont use tesco they are rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (out of 4 tests 3 failed...the line in the test box did not even come up. Clearblue worked first time 3 days before af due)
  • Hi dee dee
    congrats on your news, did i read it right that you said tescos pregnancies kits are rubbish?
  • Congrats on your bfp! Good luck for the next 8 months, I'll look forward to hearing all your experiences! Can we have the baby dust now you've used it?? LOL

    Corinna x
  • Ive used tesco loads of times, about half worked but the other half didnt even show a test line like dee dee mentioned.
    Congratulations xx
  • omg massive congratulations, xx
  • sorry girls this was a very very old post. I was having a clear out of my old posts... sorry!!! The BFP is now 30 months old... ha ha
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