FAO Sparkling Diamond

Hi hunny,

just saw your post in 1ww thread and didn't want to hijack it so thought I'd start this one instead image Just wanted to send you a HUGE cyber hug after your eventful night. Don't worry about getting upset, it's only natural and something we've all done at some point or another in this TTC malarky.

Kepp your chin up hunny, your time will come, I promise

Try and enjoy Christmas with your OH an enjoy the sales :\)


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  • Oh thanks hun my very first FAO!! I felt really stupid all my hubbies mates were there and gfriends/wives and I sobbed like a baby!!

    I cant hold my emotions though and it was just the realisation that af arrived and my friend got her BFP I actually felt like my world had collapsed.

    I am so chuffed for them but I know it is going to be so hard seeing scan pics and watching my friend buying baby things. I feel a bit gutted because it could have been us we married in May but hubby wouldnt start trying straight away!!

    Anyway hun at least I can now enjoy a few bottles of rose and onto MONTH 2............loads of SEX he he!!

    Thank you for the lovely post xx
  • That's the spirit, make sure you have lots of very passionate, long lasting SEX!!!

    Don't forget we're all here iof you need us

  • Aww sweety just read your post - I am so sorry! I completely understand how you feel and think I probably would have done hte same thing!!
    TBH I have some friends coming round Christmas Eve who are 6 months pregnant and if I am not PG then it is gonna be really difficult.
    Keep smiling and enjoy the partying and sex over Christmas!
    babydust for next month
  • so sorry to read your post - thinking of you SD. Take care Zxx
  • SD i know how you feel, on my first month I was convinced I would be pregnant! it is a shock when you are not but the harder you try the more excited you will be when the BFP comes x
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