FAO booey


iv just had a look at the pics you posted, the line on my test is not right next to the control line, on the test, you know the bit there is a kind of lip towards the bit you dunk in the wee, thats where my evap line is...im so confused!!!!!! i cant really see anything on your pic (my laptop isnt showing the image very clear) have you tested again?

ashy xx


  • hey ashy, oh right yes...my line is so faint u have to stand back to see it lol....i have done few more of the same kind and i get the same kind aline,

    here is mine

    im gonna test again in few days...if i saw it on one i would prolly leave it but makes me wonder lol....are u doing another xx
  • think im going to test again in the morning, see if the same thing happens. where is the second line supposed to show? right next to control line? i think i can see a second line on your test, is it about 1cm from the control line on the pic? how many DPO are you now?

    ashy xx
  • yes thats right about 1cm apart...well my period mixed up i think...had a 2 day period last week...
    yes the line is supposed to show quite near to the control line about 1cm ish...so confusin hey....could just be nothing but who knows??!!....

    i emailed the ebayers who selling test and they straight out said they couldnt see any kind of line or mark,,,,now i know thats a lie because everyone i shown it too said its there...its faint, shadow like even...i asked if it could be evap and they said they cant see it, being they dont want to sell "tests showing evaps" i suppose xx
  • im not going to buy those tests again, i also e-mailed them asking about evap lines, but so far not had a reply! i cant see a line at all on the test i took this morning now! and the one i could see earlier doesnt even sound like it was in the right place on the test strip!!! i hope you get your bfp, there is still time!

    ashy xx

  • thanks chick i hope u get yours too!..im certainly not using them again xx
  • cool chick yeh upload...image thanks....makes u think ur going mad hey lol xx...btw me and OH BD on the thurs 22nd july day after 2 day period finished, u dont think thats anything do u?....my period started sat 17th july...lasted 2 days...xxx
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