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Clearblue Fertility Monitor Trial

Hi again

I just wondered if any of you had managed to get on the Clearblue Fertility Monitor Trial. I've managed to get myself a place on it but can't start for another few weeks yet.

Love and hugs



  • I want to do it too, how do you join???:\?:\?:\?:\?
  • Hiya

    Unfortunately they are no longer recruiting anyone else (I hear they do them pretty regular though).

    Seems you guys haven't heard of the trial before now.

    Love and hugs

  • I managed to get on it, am signing my consent form now. I already have a monitor but the trial gives me free sticks AND they send pregnancy tests so that's a massive bonus! Think I am about to get my period so will probably have to start doing the trial next month unless they send the stuff in the next five days.

    Lolliepop have you sent your form back? When is your period due?
  • Its nice to know that somebody else is on it too.

    I sent my form back just two weeks ago and got my starter kit on Wednesday. There is so much stuff its hard to know where to start but you have to ring them so they can talk to you about the trial.

    I'm due on sometime between 16-20 August.

    Love and hugs


  • Oooh - so you have yours already! Wicked. My next period will be around 26th August so I'll be a week behind you. Good Luck!
  • its such a shame - its all sat upstairs in its box and I've got to wait to use it!!!

    Good luck to you too

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