anyone else?

well firstly thought i would say hi here as don't think no one has seen my newbie post image lol, anyway does anyone else ever get the feeling they can never have kids? I sometimes get this horrible fear in me and i don't know why. I know there shouldn't be any problems as there is no problems in my family so i think it could just be me and where i want kids so much in my life i dread not being able to have it maybe?! Also could someone explain the lingo to me lol, i don't understand the 'cm' and other things lol, thanks in advance image


  • Hello and welcome honeyimage is this your first baby your trying for??

    I get that feeling all the time, you know when you just know deep down you will have problems. It's silly really but my best friend has been trying for three years and nothing and I know so many other girls trying and no baby it does go through your mind.

    There was a post on here with what everything meant i will try and find it for you. For now though cm is cervical mucus, af aunt flow, bd is baby dance , dpo is days past ovulation.

    K xx

  • i know! I do the odd test not even expecting it to be +! I would faint if it was. You just alwasy imagine a future with kids and I can't think what things would be like if we couldn't .
  • aw thankyou for them few! I'm also glad i'm not the only one. Me and my partner are now trying for our first baby, we started really trying since last month and thought it would be nice if i could get some advice and support through it image
  • well you will get lots of good advice here! Everyones really nice
  • hiya hun welcome to the madness of ttc !

    I think it's quite natural to be scared when we want it so badly. We all have our own reasons and very different circumstances but we all want the same thing, a sweet bubba
    I have one child but now i want another i feel differently cos i would know what i'm missing.
    My doctor has agreed to start tests on me and dh (dh is not impressed with the size of the pot to get his swimmers in LOL) and now i'm worried that if all the tests show normal it's only private IVF as an option and thats all before i've even had a blood test!! LOL
    maxi xxx
  • This site has been amazing for me. I am the type of person who likes to talk about how i am feeling and talk about these things and this site has allowed me to do that.

    The people here are so helpful and so sweet I would not of got through the last two months if it was not for some of the people on here.

    I did find though that i was coming on this site every day reading everything and looking everything up and it drove me mad in the end, in fact it stressed me out more, so I have cut back coming on here as much and this should help to stop me thinking about it all the time.

    k xx

  • i know what you mean! I'm reading up about everything but think i'm only doing that so i understand my body more if you know what i mean?
  • hiya and welcome, if you check the other threads i think it was immense that put up all the abbreviations on a post? xxx lots of luck and babydust xx
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