CD 7 anyone elce

I still have no PMA and i feel rubbish but here goes another month........ month 19 :cry:

Anyone elce about day 7 thought we could get a group together image

Best of luck


  • Me Gembags!! We are always cycle you have short cycles too??

    I am actual cd 6 but close enough! My last cycle was 26 days and the one before that was only 21 days!! So, I have started with the opks already!

    I have just read your other post, good luck at the drs hun and good for you for making the appointment. So glad you have a new dr-your old one sounds like a total idiot!!

    Good luck hun, really hope this is your month
  • Me too. Am on cd 8 today (and still on period, grrr and have sick hubby so no chance of any bd for next few crucial days, boo).
    I don't think about ttc when on af which has been nice the last few days but know it will all start up again.
    My cyles are about 25 days (sometimes more often less) so think I should start ov testing from tmw but as said if hubby is still mega sick looks like could be out htis month.
  • Me too, I'm on cd 6.
    justmarried I also don't think about ttc much on af. I've started thinking about it a lot today which is driving me crazy cause it's not like I can actually do anything about it.
    This cycle though we are planning on bding every other day from end of af and bding every day around ov. So roughly like SMEP.

    Good luck to us!
  • Hay ladys,

    Us again lol :lol:

    C_C my cycles have got quiet short they have gone from 40+ days to 24/26 i have been OV on cd18 then onto CD12 last month.

    I have been worrying now about the DR's its mad x
    Gems x
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