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Was just wondering if everybody here owns their home or is planning on buying before LO arrives?

We live in rented accommodation and like it.
My parents try to convince me to buy a place before having a LO but if I want to buy a place where I want to live I will never have children. But the rental in that area is so much cheaper in comparison(about 60% of what a mortgage would cost a month). And my parents never paid a penny for accommodation because my grandparent had a huge house and my mum just moved in with them(my dad never moved out) so they don;t really know what it is like.



  • Hey hun, we bought our ow place this year, and our mortgage is less than our old rent. We were able to put down a 25% deposit as DH's dad left him and his sister money. We were very luck (although its sad), otherwise we would never have been able to buy our own place. If you're happy renting sweetie, stay there, tis your life xxx
  • hiya...

    Like you we rent,not because its cheaper but my DH has a mortgage with his brother,as he lived with him since he was 17.So when we tried to get a mortgage as well we found it really hard,even with at big deposit!so we own a property just dont live in it!

    So we privatly rent which works really well for us,no plan on buying at the moment.

    If you wait and hold off until you are in the" perfect" situation to start a would never happen

    Holly x
  • We bought just over 2 years ago and we are finally getting on our feet financially after that and the wedding. It was just the right time for us. If we hadn't bought then, then I would rather TTC and rent as it took us a fair while to recover from all the expense!

    On the down side, we are in negative equity so can't move. Not that we need or want to, it's just a bit rubbish when the choice is taken away.

    Each to their own I say, I don't think it affects a couple's ability to love a child. x
  • we rent and i love it!! the only downside we found out recently is the owners can give notice at any time!!!

    due to some mistakes we made pre lo we will prob never afford to buy and although it is annoying we are happy as we are at the mo!!

    if ever did buy it would purely be for inheritance purposes for our lo and any future lo we may/may not have!

    when i found out i was pregnant with our son we did get judged saying it isn't secure blah blah but it has worked out for us and we now live in an amazing house we would never be able to afford!!

    its a personal thing and you shouldn't let people tell you whats right or wrong!! you know what is best for you and your oh

  • weve bought a 3 bedroom flat 4 years ago,good size but shared garden,we moved into my mums house and she lives in our flat as we cant sell the flat to buy the house...complicated without explaining it all and im so so glad weve bought,we had Lennon in 2007 and got married in 2008,weve had our troubles between that tho,and some very trying times but i look at it in the long run,our mortgage wil be smaller and maybe by retirement age the house will be paid off and we'l have more money to ourself

    i kinda feel like why would you want to be paying off sommeone elses mortgage when you could be your own? and then in time an investment for your children our yourself should needs must,yes we have less money now but we have a lot of insurances out without all that we could be 200 quid better off each month but better to protect ourselfs
  • that is another bug bear!! knowing we are paying someone elses!! it cant be helped though as we will prob never be able to buy without a lottery win!!! lol

  • Hi all

    We bought our first house 3 years ago, hubby is self employed we didnt have a deposit and so took a 100% mortgage back then its worked out ok for us as we both earn good money but our mortgage is so high, really wish we bought a house a bit earlier. Its only hard for us when hubby comes out of work and he does every year for maybe 1-2 months but when recession hit last year he was out of work 4 months and we had a wedding to pay for so times were hard and stressful.

    Luckily we are getting over that now but still paying for bits of the wedding.

    I would say if we didnt buy a house we would have rented because we had been together nearly 6 years before we bought a house it was getting to the point where we needed to be together and have our own place

  • Hiya me and hubby rent.
    We are both 24 and hubby is s/e and no way we could get a mortgage right now - or if we could we wouldnt find anything to buy with what we could get money wise.

    The majority of our friends and cousins etc under 30 don't own their own house either so tbh it doesnt bother me. We'll buy when we can but im not putting my life on hold for it!
  • we are private rentin a two bed house, its annoying knowin we are paying sum1 else morgage but we never get a morgage at payin back the rent we do now xx
  • Hiya,

    Weve got a lovely 3 bedroom house although it has the tendency to flood when we get torrential rain, its the 2nd house we have owned. If it wasnt for the fact that my hubby got on the property ladder in late teens we would probably be renting right now.
    Although renting looks cheaper, I definately think its better when you have a mortgage, I know its more expensive and it does actually take a huge wedge out of my hubbys wages, but its nice to know that the house is officially yours, you dont have to worry about the council kicking you out and you can do what you want with it.
    Our mortgage is spread out for 40 years coz we couldnt possibly pay any more unless we were to get amazingly paid jobs. It is a struggle sometimes, even a couple of times we had to ring our bank and ask for a mortgage break coz we were really struggling but you get through it.

    Its a pain that its sooo much but the 1st time in our lives we have felt so organized.
    We moved into this house in 2007 and it was to be the house that we settle down in. We got engaged within 2 months of moving in (he proposed 2 days after we flooded, he chooses the best time really :lol: ) Now married and almost our 1st year anniversary and now trying for a baby in our own house and we feel very comfortable.

    Ive heard of so many people who are having trouble renting, Id personally pay my own mortgage than someone elses. :\)
    Everybody is different, its what you feel is right.


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  • We've bought our 3 bedroom house over 3 years ago, so we're all set to expand our family. Before that i had been renting for 7 years and thought it would be better to buy my own place. I also got married last year but we're very fortunate that we could afford to do that and pay mortgage.

    The only difficulty will be if and when we ever have a baby and i go part time in work, well thats the plan anyway.
  • thanks for all the replies. good to see some different perspectives.
    I am just about to graduate and hopefully start a well paid job but would still be a couple of years until we could afford the deposit because currently it is impossible to get a mortgage without. I already think I am lucky because I don't have any student loan so can start saving straight away. Just don't want to wait that long to have LO.

    thanks again
  • We bought our first house when I was 23 and we are now onto our third, we've been able to move up the ladder quite easily. The rent for the house we are in would be much more than the mortgage we have but that's only because we had a good deposit from making money from our first two homes. Personally I'd vote for owning every time. Aside from the investment potential I would hate to decorate someones elses property and potetntially add value to it when i could be doing that for myself.

    Each to their own but I would seriously grudge paying rent to someone for years knowing I'd never make a penny back from it.

    Having said that I have friends who've rented and loved the fact that problems with the property are not their problem and that they are less likely to have unexpected bills ie if the heating packs in or the shower breaks or something!
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