anyone had this. . . .

Well just wanted some advice really ?

I'm cd8 2day and had period like cramps allday and when I've been 2 the toilet I've wiped and Ibe stringy discharge with blood in it!

Any1 else had this? Surely its 2 early 4 ovulation?


  • I don't think there is such thing as too early for OV. That gap between AF and OV can be as short or long as it wants as far as i know. I know my aunty was struggling to conceive for agaes and it turns out she was ov'ing straight after AF and then missing it!

    Have you got any opk's? I'd BD just on case lol!
  • you can start producing fertile CM a good while before you ovulate, when do you normally ovulate, it could be a little early this month x
  • I actually had this and like you on CD8 two months running and it was first two months after coming off the pill. It looked like EWCM but cloudy, some blood.
    Not sure what it was, don't think it was ov..

    Sorry if not much help but just thought I share.
  • I've had that twice this month! Had it CD9 and also today (CD15). Only day 9 was only small amount, but today there was loads. Don't know what the one from CD9 was but I'm assuming one today is ovulation?
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