Hi everyone,

Just thought I would share my symptoms for this cycle!! 2nd month trying and just got a feeling that this is the month!

I am on CD26 of a 30 day cycle. I got a positive OPK last wednesday on CD17, think i may have ovulated on CD18 or 19, I had slight bleeding on CD20 & 21.

Since OV i've had slight cramping down low, a constant full feeling in my lower stomach, had a stuffy nose on and off, had slight headaches.

I'm now either 7 or 8dpo, today ive been getting a slight stitch feeling on my left side under my ribcage then twinges in my lower back. Then tonight I wiped in the toilet and there was a lot of CM which was tinged with a streak of pink??

I am due AF on Tuesday, 4 days to go I am trying my best to hold off testing until then! what do you think?

Anyone else 8dpo what symptoms are you having??



  • oh hun, sounds good really hope its your month. im 7dpo today, ive had loads of cm since ov, last 2 days ive been lightheaded and sicky and tonight i have felt a tight stitch feelin gin my sign.

    good luck hun, when are you due to test.xx
  • Thanks for replying!!

    Sounds promising for you too! How long have you been TTC??

    AF is due on Tuesday for me so 4 days to go.. I am going to hold out till then I think. How about you??:\)
  • been trying since may but only 5 cycle. im not sue till a week on monday i have a lh of 16 so long time to wait for af but i think im going to test next sun.

    really hope its a big bfp for us both.xx
  • yeah hopefully, fingers crossed!!

    Good luck and let us know how you get on xx
  • you too hun.xxxx
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