Do you really have to wait a year to see doc or can I go now

Hi everyone,

I got a BFN yesterday and today and now official fed up and frustrated with this ttc lark. I really don't understand as we've done everything right and at the right time etc.

I know you have to wait a year to see a doc but I read on here that one of you ladies mentioned that that was to allow any contraceptives to get out of your system. Well I haven't been on any for years as had such nasty reactions to pill and implant so just been using good old withdrawl.

We've been trying properly since June. I fell pg in August but miscarried at 6+2 and have nothing since. So that's 6 months now.

I really don't know what else I can do.

I'm so sorry to sound so low when I know there are ladies on here who have been waiting for years.

I have been pg twice now, but only 1 succesful one (well threatened miscarriage at 16 weeks) so don't understand why i'm not falling pg now.

I've finally reached breaking point like many of you and now understand exactly what you all mean!

Thank you,

Amy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • sorry i cant offer much help but didnt want to read and run, if i where you i would make an appointment and have a chat with your doc and tell them what you have told us- either way they will hopfully be able to set your mind at rest a little, not sure if our docs have a different set up (im in Jersey) but here they recomend you wait a year but they cant actually stop you from going....

    hope you are able to get the help and support you need

  • I agree with LittleBug. There is nothing to stop you from going to see your GP, and as you have had problems in the past, they may be able to do some tests, rather than making you wait a year. You'll never know unless you ask x x
  • sorry to hear that you are so down. Hugs
    they say you should wait a year because taking up to one year to fall pg is still pretty normal. And that is also a rule for first time TTCers.
    You know already that you are fertile unless you suspect that the mc might have caused some damage...
    so just go and talk to your doc and tell them that you are concerned about consequences of mc and am sure they will check.
    Good luck xxx
  • hey,
    I was in the same boat as u... I went to see my gp at 6m of trying and we had bloods and sperm tests (everything came back perfect). It sound horrible but just keep trying on average it takes a women 8months to fall. We're coming up to 11months now and have had more tests and still nothing wrong. Its hard i can totally understand but someday soon you'll get your BFP!
  • Thank you so so much ladies.
    I'll talk it over with hubby and see how he feels.

    It's just so frustrating especially when you 'plan' a family and then it doesn't go to plan! Lol!

    Thank you and good luck xx
  • Hi Hun,

    I have been trying for nearly 2 years now and when i went to the docs they did a few tests on me and found everything was ok.

    On average, 20% of all couples trying to get pregnant will not conceive in the first year of trying.

    According to one study, 25% of couples get pregnant in the first month of trying, while 60% of couples trying to get pregnant do so within six months. On the other hand, 75% of couples get pregnant within nine months while 80% get pregnant within a year. Finally, some 90% of couples get pregnant within eighteen months of trying.

    However, there are a variety of factors that can affect your chances of getting pregnant, including your diet and lifestyle, and how physically fit you are. Mental health factors like depression and stress can also affect your odds of getting pregnant.

    I have copied and pasted the above from a website. This is basically what the docs told me and they said they wouldn't start thinking about any "important tests" until 2-3 years down the line. Personally i think you get pregnant when it is your time really but please don't stress hun.

    I would suggest going with your OH to talk to your doc. That way they take you seriously and it is down on record that your are TTC. My OH and i went to the docs and he said although he isn't willing to do anything for a while he is pleased we went together as it shows we are serious about it and i answered any question he fired at me and he said now it is on our records that we are TTC and having problems so it helps for the future if we still have problems.

    tink xxx
  • Hi Amy

    If it was me I wouldn't wait. As others have said it won't hurt to let your GP know so that it can go on your records. Also you will be able to establish with him that you are actively trying rather than just not using protection. You might find that you have to be very pushy to get anywhere though.
  • Hi there

    Sorry to hear of your earlier loss and that you are so down now. I was in a similar situation a while back. I'd get a doc appoint as soon as you feel you want to hun and I agree with the others, be really assertive about it.

    Hope you get your bfb very soon. Take care xxx
  • i have to say i agree with M+S, i too had a mmc this year, we were 'seeing what happens' for a year and it didn't so i got my cbfm as hadn't a clue about my cycle etc and fell first month! i am now almost 6 months on from the day i lost my bean and my body has been a bit random up until now with doing funny things so hoping this cycle will be 'normal'. if you do go just be prepared that not all GP's are helpful! you may come away feeling even worse than before if they don't say what you want them to hear! xx
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